Forgive my lateness on this one, I was actually fortunate enough to be working right around the corner from the only comic book store in a “thousand mile radius” on the day 155 came out but unfortunately I was working on a roof for 8 straight hours and wound up with the worst sunburn of my life. In fact, one of only maybe half a dozen sunburns I’ve ever had. I don’t burn, I brown. I’m fucking sexy like that.

Speaking of fucking sexy, 155 is the issue that finally, to me, justifies The Whisperers. I’ve been on the fence about them the whole time. I don’t know what it is, while clearly being a formidable threat, this hasn’t felt like a war Rick couldn’t win. Maybe it was Alpha. She showed her weakness in her initial interactions with Rick when sending her daughter to live in his communities. A leader who fears her own people indicates a people who are disorderly. Disorder breeds chaos and chaos cannot a war win.

On the Alexandria side of this issue we delve into the propaganda which Rick uses to solidify his leadership role, for the good of his people. On The Whisperers side we learn they may not be as disorderly as first impressed. Surprisingly, it’s not the arrival of Negan that gives The Whisperers some clout. It’s the second consecutive appearance of Beta that shows us we finally have something to fear. His loyalty to Alpha and fierce nature coupled with what seems to be pretty tight security and an organized home base proves to us that not only are these people fucked in the head but they do in fact have their shit together.

Somewhere in the middle of Alexandria and The Whisperers camp, but definitely on The Whisperers side of the border is where 155 actually began with Michonne defending a STILL ALIVE Aaron from Beta and his gathered crew. Just as it seems like she may swing her Katana for the last time, Dwight and his own team show up and save the day. Beta escapes with a few of his men and a newfound knowledge of Negan’s deception from the last issue that gained him access to Alpha and their camp. Michonne makes Dwight promise to go after him and get revenge before heading off to get Aaron to safety.

Next we go to The Whipserers base camp where Negan is still trying to “woo” Alpha. The interactions between the two are instant classics. Your mouth says no but your eyes say, “Fuck me until your dick breaks off inside me and fuses into some kind of Barbie doll crotch.” Alpha doesn’t take to his charms and responds with a WRACK! across his mouth. Then along comes Beta to inform Alpha that Negan lied his way into their camp. This information puts Negan in a jam and he seemingly breaks down and admits he was scared. He also admits, “When I’m scared out of my fucking mind and pissing my pants, in the manliest way possible, I will lie through my fucking teeth.” By the end of their conversation, Negan tells them everything from issue 100 until now. We are left with what looks like a possible alliance as he promises to have so much to offer The Whipserers.

The issue ends with Michonne arriving at Hilltop with Aaron but not before showing big man Carl in bed waking up next to Alpha’s daughter, AKA Not Sophia, AKA they were doing it. The very last pages bring us back to Dwight and his crew (Dwight – Whose place will soon be taken in the AMC show’s version of things by actor, Stephen Ogg. How’s that for a Wild Speculation? TV DWIGHT MUST DIE!!!). They finally made it out of The Whisperers land and when asked why didn’t they follow after Beta like they promised, Dwight responds, “You don’t get it, do you? We crossed their border and they KNOW IT. We engaged the enemy on THEIR territory. This was and act of war.”

Bone chilling or boner inducing! Your choice. Either way you won’t come off this issue with bad feelings unless you’re a total jerkface like our own, {NAME REDACTED} and {NAME REDACTED}. I’m Turd Grendle and this was my review of Walking Dead 155. Good day to you.