If the title wasn’t enough… please don’t read any further if you don’t want the current issue of Image Comics’ The Walking Dead spoiled for you.


That’s Glenn. Issue 100. You’ve been warned…

So, getting to it, the cat is out of the bag and in a big way. That cat of course is our favorite used car salesman, the one and only, Negan SomethingFuck. We don’t know his last name yet but with his backstory being revealed over the next few months in Image+ we may very well know soon enough. Negan is out of his cage and has found The Whisperers.

Negan and Beta

After killing Whatshisface Whoshisname, the kid who who broke him out of prison due to a grudge with Rick Grimes, Negan encounters Beta (second-in-command to Alpha) and a gang of flesh-wearing Whisperers on the wrong side of the border. If you don’t know what border I’m talking about then why the hell are you still here? Stuff and Thangs go down, mostly semi-clever wordplay, and Negan convinces Beta, who he gives the name, Frowny McTwoknives, to take him back to their camp so he can meet the head cheese.

Once at the main camp, Negan meets Alpha and it’s love at first sight… at least for one of them, Negan… or at least so it seems, who knows what his true motives are at the moment but that was pretty much it for that storyline. While it doesn’t sound like much I found myself enjoying this part, and the issue as a whole for that matter, quite a bit more than I have in recent months. It hasn’t been all bad lately, just kind of spotty.

We also had a Carl/Maggie/Andrea story where Andrea and Mayor Maggie meet on the road between Hilltop and Alexandria. They talk about baby Hershel to keep him relevant and about how Rick wants Carl to come back home to Alexandria while their war with The Whisperers still looms. There’s some reflection on the lives lost over the run of the series and ultimately how Carl is no longer a boy, as he’ll say a little later to Maggie upon her return, he hasn’t been for a long time.

Upon Andrea’s return to Alexandria she is bombarded by propaganda images painted on the town’s walls, “Silence The Whisperers”. This doesn’t sit well with her and when furiously confronting Rick she gets sidetracked by his injuries from the last issue. She asks him what happened and he says, “I became a better leader.”

Last but definitely not least, we have another Walking Dead cliffhanger. Michonne and Aaron are searching for Negan and are right on his heels throughout the issue. First they discover, damnit I’ll look it up, Brandon’s body in a field. They notice he hasn’t turned yet and realize they are getting warmer, Negan could be lurking anywhere around them. As they head off to continue their hunt, Brandon opens his eyes but it doesn’t look like he’s turned… he looks alive. But that’s not the cliffhanger I meant, that’s the cliffhanger I overlooked. The one I meant occurred shortly after Michonne was pimping Jesus to the now single Aaron.

Jesus Pimped

Just one panel after Aaron is condemning Jesus for using Alex as a bootycall, Frowny McTwoknives AKA Beta, who at this point in the story is a few men down after sending some escorts with Negan to the main camp, attacks our two heroes and let me tell you, if you haven’t jumped ship yet you better because this is the big one….





Aaron seemingly meets his end by the hand, or knife, of Beta. They don’t confirm 100%. This isn’t even the final frames of the issue. They finish with the end of Negan’s story as he arrives and proclaims his “love” for Alpha. Personally I think they should have sequenced it with this after the Negan bit, especially if Aaron really is dead, but that’s me. I could be wrong and I usually am.

And that’s its. All the major bits from The Walking Dead #154 in case you need to know but can’t get to your “local” comic book store or you’re just like our own {NAME REDACTED} and you’re too lazy to read the damned thing.

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