Matt here –
First off I need to say that I was a huge fan of the original Voltron series and as I got older, as with many cartoons from that time, the quality diminished because I got older and expected more. So when Voltron Force came out, I was on board. It was a follow up to the original story (Voltron of the Far Universe) and introduced us to some new faces alongside some old ones. It was really good and it did not talk down to the people watching it because it realized that it was as much adults watching as kids because we grew up on Voltron. Voltron Force would have gotten 9 out of 10 stars from me if it stuck around long enough to get reviewed.

Voltron: Legendary Defender gets a 7 and only that high because its Voltron. It tells the story of how the team (individually known as paladins) came together and their first steps towards defeating the Galran’s and their king Zarkon who has been ruling practically the entire known universe for 10,000 years while Voltron (and its guardians Allura and Coran) slept. While I was attempting to ignore the absurdity of that while watching, now that I write it I realize just how ridiculous it is that Voltron (and again, its defenders) slept during the time it was needed the most.

The format of the show was 11 episodes at an hour each and it is essentially formatted out as if there were 6 two hour movies. A crisis would come up and it would not be resolved until at least two hours later. This made it a bit more difficult to binge watch because it is like 6 1/2 movies. A smaller format would have made for easier watching. Keep that in mind when you read other reviews that say its like returning to Saturday morning cartoons.
Now there is plenty good about it as well. Voltron itself was amazing and they didn’t make it easy for the paladins to learn to use him. So that was good. There are individual story lines that were pretty good as well. Pidge has a family story line that was pretty compelling, Lance and Keith had a fun rivalry going that kept things light often times and Hunks whole demeanor played pretty well. But there were just too many thing that didn’t play well. Rhys Darby has a super grating voice and they made him the main comedy relief. That made it difficult to watch when I first started. They swapped around some characters. Commander Keith is not a commander. That job has been replaced by a new character Shiro. Now Shiro’s story was actually pretty awesome, but it still takes quite a bit away from the nostalgia factor.

It is enjoyable, very much so. But it changes things that should not be changed and I am old and set in my ways. Its definitely worth a watch, just keep in mind it might take you a bit to do so.