Last night Mr. Matthew (Jedediah?) Moore took to the internets to unleash his fury in the name of Geeks of the Round on AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead teaser trailer that aired during the Season 5 Finale of The Walking Dead.

To sum it up… he hated it. A lot.

I had to hit the clickity clackity and transmit my own thoughts across the whirly tubes as soon as I read it… OK maybe about 8 or 9 hours later but still, I came here with my own form of passion.

So here’s my counter-point to Mr. Moore and the Geeks of the Round’s opinion on the teaser.


Seriously! I thought it was downright AWESOME! First off, it’s a teaser. I never would have expected more than a glimpse of a character or some sort of action and I’m not at all upset that we didn’t get that. For a teaser I thought it did exactly that. In it’s very short time it confirmed, in the pics or it didn’t happen way, that this is going back to the beginning. We are going to see the outbreak! I don’t need to know anymore right now. They sold me and everyone in the room with me (and everyone I’ve talked to since) with what little they gave.

It was an excellent tease and now I’m drooling like the good little fanboy they were hoping for. Thank you AMC. Take my Money.