Are you freaking out? Tell me the truth. Were you in on this the whole time? Were you!?!?! – Elliot speaking to us, the viewers.

Wow. Just.. Wow.. Okay, so remember the past two mediocre episodes? I’m here to tell you that Mr. Robot apologized with this episode. Not only did we get back on track with the story, but we once again got our minds blown a couple times this episode.

Lets start with the boring and work our way up. Gideon Goddard (played by Michel Gill), who happens to be the boss of Elliot (played by Rami Malek), is extremely suspicious of Elliot.. and he should be. He calls Elliot on out the suspicious behavior on the AllSafe floor. NEXT!

Darlene (Carly Chaikin) is screwing some corporate stooge. NEXT!

Tyrell Wellwick (played my Martin Wallström) hasn’t told his wife he killed a lady because it wasn’t part of the plan. I knew it seemed weird last week, didn’t I tell you? Also the police are investigating the crime and while they may be suspicious of Tryell, he’s not an official suspect as of yet. Also, he met with Mr Robot (Christian Slater) and apparently is trying to blackmail him for something. The only info gleaned for that meaning is that they know each other, which is (potentially) new information. NEXT!


Elliot asks himself.. what do you do on this show? Like.. what’s your contribution?

Okay, now we get into the good stuff! Elliot figures out that the AllSafe hack was a way to lure him into a meeting that he previously had thought he had set up. He also figures out it was Angela that installed the malware. Her response to “Why didn’t you tell me?” was “Because you weren’t there”. In other words, Angela said the smartest thing she has ever said this entire show.

Elliot meets with the head of the Chinese hackers, a character known as White Rose who claims to hack time. The conversation happens over a very precise three minutes. She tells Elliot what he needs to do, how long he has to do it and unceremoniously exits.

This isn't Game of Thrones you perv!

This isn’t Game of Thrones you perv!

Now we get to the REALLY good stuff. After telling Darlene that their plan was finally going forward again with support from the Chinese, Darlene whoops and hollers, so happy that the plan is viable again. She tells Elliot that he is the best person she has ever known and that she loves him. Elliot, acting very unlike Elliot, takes advantage of that and kisses her. Darlene then freaks the hell out on him and asks “Who do you think I am?”. He is not sure about the questions. She repeats “Who do you think I am?”. He still does not get the question. Now I’m thinking “Its freakin’ Angela, isn’t it? He’s been mixing his friends up in his head”. I was wrong. She starts to explain (but he knows as she’s saying it), Darlene is his sister.

Up until this point Elliot had no idea he had a sister. He had no recollection of his family at all. So he goes home and he hacks.. himself. This leads to nothing. He’s covered his tracks far too well. So he checks to see if he kept a record of his life. If he forgot his whole family, maybe he forgot saving the info somewhere. So he goes into his archives and finds a blank disk. He decrypts it and finds his family. Himself, Darlene, and his father, which we know as Mr. Robot. (He later finds a pic that also has him mother, but who cares!) Last scene has Mr Robot (dad?) knocking on his door and saying they need to talk.. Like.. no kidding..

Elliot literally forgot the one thing you are never supposed to forget.. Riding a bike.

Elliot literally forgot the one thing you are never supposed to forget.. Riding a bike.

So pretty sure his father is dead, he is only imagining him. It hasn’t been verified that’s the case, but its pretty clear that’s the case. Anyways, it was a whopper of an episode, giving it a 9 out of 10, falling a point only because of the slow start.

So what do you think? Are you still watching? If so, are you glad you held out until the show got amazing again? Let us know in the comments below!