CBS, what are you doing?  Seriously, what in the exact hell are you doing!?  Today we got our first look at Supergirl, which is debuting this November on the network, and…oh, just look at it.

Seriously, is this a joke?  The first superhero show with a female lead since the disaster that was Wonder Woman, and this is the direction they decide to go with it?  Come on, really?  Not good enough.  They’re actually making the exact same mistake that they did with the aforementioned failed Wonder Woman show, which they clearly have refused to learn from.  In fact, this actually reminds me and much of the staff here at Geeks of the Round of the SNL skit they did for what a crappy Black Widow movie would look like:

This is pathetic.  Supergirl is an awesome character, and she deserves a hell of a lot more than this rom-com bullshit.  I had only moderately low hopes for this once since the initial announcement, but even those conservative hopes have been totally erased by this travesty I see before me.  This is Melissa Benoist’s first major project after the hit series Glee, and I’m really and truly sorry that she’s involved with this.

Do any of you think I’m being too hard on this show, or do you see where I’m coming from?  Let us know in the comments!