When I was young.. like really really young, The Muppet Show was on at 8pm or so and my parents watched it religiously. I wasn’t even in school yet, so my bedtime was 8pm. So I would sneak out of my room and into the kitchen where I could hear it and occasionally sneak a peak. I couldn’t have missed many episodes doing that. I never liked Sesame Street and I really dislike puppets in general, even now. No reason I guess, they just aren’t my thing.. Except the Muppets. From an early age I identified myself as being Fozzie like, being a fan of horrible jokes even back then.

The Muppets are amazing. They are funny, they are smart, they are just like you and I.. if you and I were various animals made of felt. So while the old show appealed to the kid in me, it seems that their new show “The Muppets” (which they have stylized as “the muppets”, similar to “the office”) will appeal to the adult in me.

Here is the original video they used to sell the show to ABC. It’s 11 minutes long and worth every second of it.

Now you see that the show will tackle much more adult themes than you may be used to with Muppets, even more so than the last two movies.
Here is the story: Within the show “the muppets”, Miss Piggy has a talk show on ABC that runs after Jimmy Kimmel Live known as “Up Late With Miss Piggy”, Kermit acts as Executive Producer . Kermit happens to also be dating an ABC executive who run the marketing for Piggy’s show and happens to be a young, hot, redheaded pig, Denise. Tensions ensue. Most of the Muppets work on “Up Late With Miss Piggy” and we get to see what happens behind the scenes and in the personal lives of these.. umm.. people.. Of course we get to meet lots of celebrities, most of which of course will be ones attached to ABC.

Now don’t start feeling bad for Miss Piggy. With her looking very “Jennifer Aniston-ish” these days, she not exactly alone either.. After a brief instance where Miss Piggy couldn’t stop staring at his butt, this video released with Castle star Nathan Fillion.

That’s the beauty of The Muppets. You and I know that Nathan Fillion and Miss Piggy just “rolled in the mud” you might say. But kids will look at that and think they are just hanging out. They never explicitly say what’s going on there. It’s brilliant and I want to see more.

Thankfully I won’t have to wait much longer. The Muppets premieres September 22nd at 8pm/7pm Central. This puts the series Fresh Off The Boat smack dab between The Muppets and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, which is a good place to be for a show that I had never heard of until these Muppet promos.

Lastly, I high encourage you to watch all of The Muppets promos, though you can skip the actual trailer, as it is just content from the “First Look Presentation’ I already posted above. Here they are, in their entirety. This is a playlist maintained by ABC, so any new promos that release will automatically be included in it.

I plan to Hulu this show every week (because who has cable anymore?). Are you folks on board with a more adult Muppet? Tell how what you think down below in the comments!