John Favreau‘s production of the second Shannara book, the Elfstones of Shannara, hits on MTV tonight, and from the trailer, it looks very good!

While it looks good, and pretty big budget, I’m not 100% convinced yet. I’m also not quite sure how well Manu Bennett will do as Allanon. From the trailer, he’s face is very visible, and one of the mainstays of the first three books is that Allanon’s face stays hidden. Nobody is quite sure what he looks like under his cowl.

I may end up being very critical of this show, as I’ve been a fan of the books since the late eighties and I’ve read the books several times, but I’ll be reviewing the show weekly anyway. The writer of the books – Terry Brooks, seems enthused by the project, however, so it might be faithful to the source, despite the glaring changes I’ve already seen in the trailer. If it all fits, I’ll be okay with it, but if not, then we’ll see.

I’m wary, but looking forward to it.