These are first day impression of Batman: Arkham Knight. I have made sure they have no spoilers. I am playing it on the PS4.


Oh god, my eyes are bleeding.

Since 9pm Monday, I have spent most of my waking hours playing Batman: Arkham Knight. I have logged around 15-16 hours into the game and I can’t do that anymore. You see, I am a gamer, but not a hardcore one by any stretch. But I passed Batman: Arkham City so freakin’ quickly that I thought that I would be done with Arkham Knight just as quick!

Man I was wrong. This game is MUCH harder. Not the fighting, that’s almost exactly the same, but just figuring stuff out. Detective Mode isn’t as useful as it once was because often the solution to your problem are rooms away instead of feet. They give you basic instructions for the Batmobile’s Battle Mode and lets you figure the rest out through countless deaths. Approximately half the game is in the Batmobile, which is great because it’s your most powerful weapon, but it means you can rely less on experience from other games.  Until very recently most of the rooms have been claustrophobic, making Predator Mode a near impossibility. I will say however  that thankfully that’s starting to change now that I am about 40% of the way through the game.

Remember the Riddler puzzles that we, the less hardcore gamers, avoided in earlier games? They are a common thing in the regular game now. They are no longer the “Riddler” puzzles in this game, as those are mostly cool things you can do with the Batmobile now. No, actually getting from one room to another while chasing say, Scarecrow (often times) takes figuring out a puzzle!

I will give an example without giving any spoilers. So you are in a room which for reasons I won’t mention, tilts. You can control the tipping. There are cargo containers, some with magnetic locks to freeze them into place, some without. To simply get from one side of a building to another, you have to tilt the building left and right so some of those containers move and some don’t. You can’t be among these containers (they are huge and would crush you) and you have to get them to line up without being able to get a top view. This room and mission have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the Riddler. This is just to chase The Scarecrow from one side of a building to another.

Unbeknownst to Matt, The Scarecrow LOVES puzzles.

Unbeknownst to Matt, The Scarecrow LOVES puzzles.

Do I love the game? Absolutely. Did I underestimate it? Completely and totally.  Graphically it is amazing. The story line so far is great. (There has been one major thing I didn’t like though.. but I won’t spoil it..) The “surprise guest” is actually fun. =) The Batmobile portion is amazeballs once you figure out a few basic things. I am throughly enjoying this game and expect to give it a pretty favorable (but not perfect) review once I have finished it. But again, I am not sure my eyes and brain can handle anymore for a little bit, so that review might be a few days (5?) from now.

So how do you feel about the game? Are you loving it? Let us know down in the comments!