Some of the team here at Geeks of the Round went and saw Furious 7 over the Easter weekend, and we wanted to tell you what we thought of it.  However, as it typical for us, just doing our opinions just isn’t good enough so we asked you all via our Google+ and Facebook Pages what you all thought of it as well, and you didn’t let us down!

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Matt MooreThe 7th volume of the Fast and the Furious series played like a season finale episode. Before we even start the movie we already know that we are coming to an end of sorts so we better make this one count.

I expected this movie to kill The Busta (Brian) earlyish in the movie and the rest of it was a revenge flick. As a matter of fact I was waiting the whole time for this to turn into a revenge flick but it never did.

It started and ended the same way. A movie about family, the family that you make yourself and ultimately, going home (which of course is a reference to Paul Walker’s death).

People consider the Fast and the Furious movies unrealistic “car porn.”  And it is, simply because the Fast and the Furious movies have realized that just because you have a heartfelt compelling story does not mean you can’t have a little fun on the way to that story. =)

DeAno Jackson: After the absolute absurdity that was the 28 mile runway in The Fast and Furious 6, I really didn’t know what to expect from this one.  However I think that director James Wan made a lot of good choices here, and result was a joy to watch.  Really liked seeing Tony Jaa and Jason Statham in the same movie (even if they didn’t have any scenes together – bummer!), and the fight between Michelle Rodriguez and UFC Champion Ronda Rousey was even better than I thought it would be – and my expectations were pretty high going in.  Some of the stunts did border on the ridiculous (cars don’t fly, Dom), but they were still a lot of fun.  Lastly, I really liked both the tribute to the late Paul Walker and the fact that they didn’t take the easy way out by killing his character off.  It was tasteful, well done, and really showed the love that the cast and crew clearly have for Walker.  Overall, this movie was a blast and I would fully recommend heading to the theater to check this one out.

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Isaiah Mullins: I’m a big fan of FF films. I did like the first, but the rest is a bro festival circle jerk. Since, my birthday was on a Saturday [Editor’s Note: Happy Birthday, Isaiah!]. I might get some good laughs mix with boring movie tricks.

First, the movie started with a really killer opening from Jason Statham character. Statham stole the show with his enjoyment of playing the bad guy for once. Also, this is really the first time I see Statham use his martial skills in Wing Chun kung fu, karate, and kickboxing. Statham vs The Rock and Groot was truly jaw dropping.

Next, The Halo Drop/Bus Chase was my favorite part in the film. There was a lot of good build up for these scenes. Also that Halo Drop reminded me of awful film known as Power Rangers Turbo. The only thing I hated about those scenes when it showcased the secondary villains of the film, played by Djimon Hounsou and Tony Jaa.

Then, the film has beautiful send off for Paul Walker’s character and Vin Diesel gives his final speech about Paul. This was the best part in the whole film. You know the cast and crew of FF loved Paul like a brother he will be missed like crazy.

Overall, it’s a good action film before Avengers 2 comes out.

Louis RodriguezThis movie like all the others in the series was great.  The action was off-the-wall fun and enjoyable.  The plot was…well you know it’s Fast and Furious so who cares for the plot?  This is a movie to enjoy cars and women in thongs and we do see a lot of cars.  The fights were awesome and fun to watch.  All the new characters to this film were great.  So if you are looking for a good time at the movies and want some fun to watch Furious 7; I give it a 9 out of 10.  If you are new to the series I recommend watching in this order: Fast 1,2,4,5,6, and 3 followed by 7 for the best viewing of this story.

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Tim P: Really good action scenes!  There were a couple of “c’mon man” moments, but it’s absolutely worth watching.

Toya Black:  Friggin loved it!  Although my hubby The Rock wasn’t in it a whole lot, I thought it was very well done.  Jason Statham was good choice for villain (love to watch him fight) and I really think the memorial for Paul Walker was done very well and tasteful and in line with the Fast and Furious series.

Chris BishopGreat movie to see.  Really worth the money, I think it’s the best one so far!

Wendell SeaceIt kept my attention throughout.  I was on the edge of my seat for a couple of the scenes!  I’ve only casually watched some of the prior movies and didn’t see The Fast and Furious 6, so I’m not as familiar with all of the characters.  It didn’t matter, though – there was enough for me to still catch on.  Highly enjoyable!

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So that’s our take on it.  What’s yours?  If you haven’t seen it yet, are you planning on seeing it, or are you taking a pass?  Let us know in the comments!