The Flash returns from its mid-season break tonight, with Arrow coming back tomorrow night. That has not stopped the CW from releasing some exciting new trailers though!

Tonight on Flash we get the episode “Potential Energy” which introduces a new villain The Turtle, a character that can literally slow time.. and Barry. The Turtle will be played by Aaron Douglas, most well known for play Tyrell on Battlestar Galactica. There does not seem to be a lot of mention of this episode in the extended “Pretty Messed Up” trailer however. Check it out!

Tomorrow night on Arrow, Oliver starts a manhunt for Damian Darhk, which will start to test both his physical and moral limits, not to mention the limits of the team. Unlike The Flash‘s trailer, Arrow‘s “Revenge” trailer is very much about what is started in this episode. In addition to the “Revenge” trailer however, they just released, minutes ago, a mid-season sizzle trailer. It very much follows the “Revenge” trailer, just with much more footage and insight. Not to mention a little Malcolm Merlyn being a jerk, which is always great. Check them out!

So let us know what you think of the trailers! If they release a mid-season trailer for The Flash, I will update it and put it here!