Warning: This post and this video have huge spoilers. Skip them if you want to go into the game fresh!


So thanks to the good folks at Bethesda UK, we have a launch trailer for Fallout 4! It starts out implying that the main character (you) are a war vet headed towards another war, presumably on the side of or against a group known as “The Institute” (you will most likely be able to decide what side to be on). Now while that’s not a huge deal.. this is.. This game has synths. Robots that take human form. We are shown synths that is obvious, but then we are shown the arrest of someone who looks 100% human for being a synth. So obviously they can blend in. So the question I have is.. You survived in Vault 111 for over 200 years.. Is the main character a synth? I guess we will see! Here’s the trailer!

So you like? I bet you do! The game looks amazing. Not just the graphics in general, but the art design of such things as Diamond City, the obvious synths are very steampunk and the fighting looks smooth as always. But what do you think? Are you going to be picking this up on Tuesday, November 10th when it comes out? Are you getting it on PC, PS4 or XBox One? Let us know in the comments!