As I got delayed writing the review for Supergirl’s mid-season finale, I’m going to roll it up into a double review and include the next episode!


Astra versus Kara round two happens in episode 8, we also meet Astra’s husband, Non, and we get to see more about the relationship between Astra and Alura. Kara herself is beginning to look a little unhinged as her memories of Astra and Alura become more muddied. She begins to doubt, and lashes out at her mother’s hologram. We’ve already seen Kara’s anger at her mother for sending her away, and now with Astra sounding reasonable, it seems easy for Kara to switch sides. Cat Grant’s back story gets more meat as her email accounts are hacked, but that’s just a side story pretending to be the focus of the episode, until, of course, it looks like Cat is going to lose her job. Kara overhears pertinent information using her powers, but that makes it tricky. Enter Lucy Lane as they try to make her more useful to the team other than a fly in the ointment in the Kara – James romance. The main story takes over again as Astra appears to challenge Kara. The fight is over quickly. Too quickly, considering Kara wins fairly easily.


Of course it’s a trap! Astra is way too smart to allow Kara to beat her. Astra is exactly where she wants to be as she continues to try to convince Kara to join her side. Once the hacking storyline is put to bed, we get to cliffhanger part 1 – Cat figures out Kara’s identity. This could be good, but it could also be very bad. We’ll see. Cliffhanger part 2 comes immediately after – Non goes after Maxwell Lord, and just as things heat up, we’re forced to wait for the next episode.

Luckily, episode 9 takes over precisely where 8 left off, and after a very quick battle, Non grabs Henshaw and escapes, while Maxwell Lord becomes uncooperative again, and Kara tries to prove to Cat that she’s not Supergirl.

Non offers to swap Henshaw for Astra, General Lane takes over the DEO, and James tries to confront Maxwell Lord. Things get interesting from there, starting with General Lane torturing Astra, and James paying a little B&E visit to Maxwell Lord. Astra proves that torture doesn’t work by springing her trap, and blowing up a whole group of General Lane’s soldiers.

Supergirl grows up a lot in this episode. She falls apart, and gains strength because of it. She shows intelligence and openness with Astra afterwards that finally gets Astra to open up about what happened on Krypton. Anyone starting Supergirl on this episode after watching only the trailer would be very surprised at the depth of her character, especially when she puts General Lane in his place as she takes her aunt to the prisoner exchange. The exchange turns into a trap, but Astra calls the trap off, showing that Kara is getting to her. In the tension, Alex slips up and reveals a clue to Henshaw’s identity. The reveal lets Kara gain Hank’s, or rather Jonn’s help to prove to Cat that she’s not Supergirl.

The final moments tease Maxwell Lord’s plan, which we’ll have to wait two weeks to see more of!

This show has yet to depart from its trend of general improvement. There have been some dips, but the steady build up of the characters and world is working. What do you think? Has the show dropped off your radar, or are you ready to try it out again?