I just got done watching a trailer for Star Trek: Beyond (#2 apparently and I never even saw trailer #1 or I did and I blocked it out) and I must say, I’m a bit tossed. As I watched I thought to myself, how far beyond the initial concept of Star Trek: The Original Series are they going? To me, the Star Trek franchise has always been about exploration of both outer and inner space. New worlds, strange new species and constantly unfolding character drama on the Enterprise. The first reboot/pseudo-sequel from J.J. Abrams was not too far from the source. While it did focus a bit on the over-the-top action it didn’t seem to rely on it. To me it seemed like a loving big screen adaptation of the franchise. Flashy, yes, but focused. If it wasn’t for the overuse of lens flare, I’d have to say they did better than we could have expected.

Star Trek Into Darkness manged to be a more authentic feeling installment and yet something was lost. The tone was right, the pacing was slow and deliberate but the action felt inserted. Not jarring but somehow off-putting. Despite that, to me it is a better representation of what the brand has always been about. By the end of the second movie I was confident in the direction they were heading. They went through a phase of trial and error and now they know what to do to make the third film one for the books. And then I saw this trailer…

I know a lot of you are gong to say, that trailer was AWESOME!!! Yes, it was awesome. I can’t wait to see it. It looks like a roller coaster of action and adventure. An explosive good time. I watch The Expendables movies, damnit! I enjoy mindless entertainment like the rest of the world. I love when things go boom too…. but this is Star Trek, man. This is the thinking man’s sci-fi. Murica’s attempt at a Doctor Who type show. The kind of show you sit down and WATCH. Hard sci-fi. This is not Star Wars. This is not a franchise that gets directed by the Fast and Furious guy. Look, Donkeys, I saw the first 3 FF movies in the theater like the rest of you greasy, coked-up weirdos. As I said, I like when things are shiny and go Vrrooom and Boom. I mean, you’re not going to catch me watching the sportsball shows or NASCAR (It’s cars driving in circles, you bastards!!!!) but I can enjoy loud movies… when that’s what I am looking for. That is NOT what I am looking for with Star Trek.

In my research for this rant I have discovered that Simon Pegg (the film’s writer and MFing Scotty!) has spoken against the trailer and asked fans to “hang in there” like that kitty on the branch. He claims there is so much more to the film Beyond its terrible trailer. As much as I like him, I don’t know if I can trust him because he was the guy the studio hired to rewrite the script because it was too Star Trekky. The official goal was to “make a western or a thriller or a heist movie, then populate that with Star Trek characters so it’s more inclusive to an audience that might be a little bit reticent.”

I don’t know… How far Beyond the heart of Star Trek are they going to go and how far beyond my own limits will my acceptance of these new cinematic additions go? I guess we’ll find out July 22, 2016.