So I do my research. I take the facts that are available and I post articles based on those available facts. When I posted “Why the X-Box is NOT backwards compatible” I was working with the facts presented at E3. Those facts were far from complete.

You see, they led those of us who actually watched the event, that backwards compatibility was via digital downloads of each game. That apparently is not the case. They are achieving backwards compatibility through an emulator. This was not even hinted at in the E3 event. They have, unbeknownst to me until recently, achieved virtual backwards compatibility. But not TRUE backwards compatibility. (As that would be without modification including emulation). I am still impressed by this, despite the semantics of the situation. =) While it is not actual “backwards compatibility”, it is close enough for government work. =)

I'm pretty sure I'm in the end zone, so lets drop the ball!

I’m pretty sure I’m in the end zone, so lets drop the ball!





For the record, I can, and always will, admit when I am wrong. That’s the Geeks of the Round credo. We will always tell you the truth.

So join us geeks! Tell us what you think on the matter. Wanna call me out? Then screw you. But do it anyways. =) Tell us what you think down below!