I’ve cracked the code!!! I think!! After processing my extreme anger over the absolutely needless cliffhanger ending Scott Gimple and gang so lovingly gave us for the Walking Dead season 6 finale, I sat down and dissected Negan’s twisted game of eenie meenie miney moe. My results are SHOCKINGLY conclusive.

First I want to state I am only dealing with the facts. Definitive moments when Negan pointed his bat at one in the line up along with a verbal punctuation ie. eenie, meenie, and so on.

First let’s look at our line up.


From left to right we have, Glenn, Rosita, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, Maggie, Rick, Sasha, Aaron, Carl & Eugene.

Watch the final scene with your hand on your remote control (perverts) as we continue. The game begins with Rick…

Eenie. Rick


Meenie. Maggie


Miney. Abraham


Moe. Michonne.


Catch a tiger. Daryl.


By the toe. Sasha.


If he hollers. Aaron.


Let him go. Carl.


Now here’s where they try to three card monty us a little bit. My mother, Negan says, as the camera goes back to Aaron. Then we go back to Carl for the “To Pick” part and then it’s back on track to the…

Very Best. Eugene.


Now with ultimate grace and wizard feet, Negan jumps across the lineup over to…

You Are. Rosita.





That’s all that’s left. It. And if you’ve been watching the scene while reading this you’ll clearly see the above moments are the only definite times Negan pointed his bat at someone during a major part of the eenie meenie miney moe and there is an absolute walking order or pattern in which Negan is pointing his bat. So who is left? Who is it?


Glenn. He’s the only one who does not meet all the same beats as the rest of the line up. He is the clear “it” in this game. If you add all of this to the already existing, and brilliant, theory that we saw earlier POV shots of the victim in the episode from the back of the van that held Glenn, Daryl, Michonne and Sasha, you’d almost have to call this theory a home run. Knocked straight out of the park.

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