Oh my, my, my… Twenty weeks!

Kicking off this week’s roundup with the Secret Wars Journal. This is a collection of short tales from around the Battleworld. I’m highlighting this one because the first tale covers a particularly interesting variation on Linda Carter, also known as Night Nurse. In this particular version, she’s a healer, an occult practitioner, and a friggin’ demon hunter! Yes, she “heals” demons right to death. Sadly, there’s a big hint in there that the character won’t progress much further in the Marvel universe.

Guardians of Knowhere (2015-) 004-000

This week also sees the return of Guardians of Knowhere, with a post Black Vortex Gamora arguing with a Mjolnir-wielding Angela about the Godliness of Doom while fighting a Kree warrior who manages to kill a Nova Corps team featuring a Captain Marvel and an Iron Man. Yes, it’s that crazy. Angela asks Gamora why she doesn’t believe in Doom, and it’s because she remembers Peter Quill. Guess who shows up next? The Peter Quill from the life raft. This is part of a set-up for the finale. Should be a blast!

Infinity Gauntlet (2015) 004-000

The Infinity Gauntlet tale brings back the family of young Nova Anwen, duped by Thanos into searching for the Infinity Stones. Their quest has led them and a set of the Guardians of the Galaxy to a city ruled by Adam Warlock, who has the Mind Stone. Battle, of course, ensues (this is the Battleworld, after all). Thanos’ duplicity is revealed after Adam is defeated, and Anwen is left to mourn her mother as Thanos, armed with five of the six stones, prepares to kill everyone. He starts with Drax.

The Secret Wars are starting to build up to a finale that I hope is suitably epic. More next week!