This week’s round-up of the Battleworld begins with 1872. When we last visited Timely, Steve Rogers had been killed by Bullseye, and fed to pigs by Wilson Fisk. It was not pretty. This week, Carol Danvers leads a march demanding women’s rights in Timely, Red Wolf goes after Wilson Fisk to avenge Steve, and Bruce Banner goes with Natasha Barnes to try to blow up the dam that’s depriving Red Wolf’s tribe of water. Some things go to plan, but others don’t. Tony Stark has to step in to save Red Wolf after he shoots Bullseye in his bullseye, and everything descends into pandemonium. Of course, Bruce and Natasha’s mission isn’t going too well either, but I won’t spoil that for you.

Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps (2015-) 004-000

Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps vs. Thors is really what’s happening in this one. Carol and the Banshees, along with Rhodey, ran away after a botched test flight, only to be chased by the Thors for questioning the word of Doom. After a dogfight, Carol goes up against former Banshee turned Thor, Kit. Twists and turns, a few punches, some ducking, and an escape later, Kit helps Carol and the Banshees reach for the stars. The story ends with them flying ever upward to punch a hole in the sky. It’s a sweet story, and while this side story has now ended, I hope we’ll see the Banshees appear in upcoming stories.

Runaways (2015-) 004-000

The Runaways story comes to a close with our runaways defeated in a battle that cost Delphyne her arm and now dragged back to their school. Valeria von Doom tries to convince Amadeus Cho to come back into the fold, despite what he and the other Runaways have seen, which is when Cloak and Dagger start their broadcast of the truth to the entire school. Valeria sends Bucky to try to stop them. Of course, before Bucky gets too far, the truth is out and the riot starts. After some fighting, some kissing, and some awesome one-liners… Damn. Just read this one. Seriously. The ending is not something I’m going to spoil.

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