First up this week we have a new issue of Marvel Zombies, featuring Elsa Bloodstone.

This comic continues to impress, and opens with the aftermath of an Elsa vs zombie M.O.D.O.K. (aka M.O.D.O.C. – Moribund Organism Designed Only for Cannibalism). From there, we move on to some epic sarcasm, a strange stalker, and more about Elsa’s relationship with her father. In Elsa’s original comics, she had no relationship with her father – she only discovered that he was a monster hunter after he died. The back story of this version of Elsa makes her so much more complex, and gives her a reason to be sarcastic all the time. She’s become a very well constructed and real character. She fights against some of her father’s teachings while striving to perfect others, and that internal conflict makes this comic brilliant.

Of course, before long, her little companion gets into trouble (and it’s not all his fault) and Elsa has to embark on a rescue mission against a shape-shifting zombie version of herself, and that’s not the big surprise ending! See, these zombies are well fed for one reason only: They have a captive Deadpool, and are taking advantage of his regeneration abilities!

This week also sees the return of Old Man Logan, who we last saw preparing to go toe-to-toe with Apocalypse.

Old Man Logan #3 (2015) - Page 1

Before the fight starts, a Thor interrupts and gives Logan a chance to escape. He meets up briefly with X-Man Tabitha Smith (who first appeared in Secret Wars II), and then gets into a fight with that Thor and ends up in Technopolis with Tony Stark. Logan, being Logan, gets into another fight with another Thor, and ends up in the badlands. This issue got a little muddy, but because the first two issues were so good, I’m hoping the next one ties it all up nicely.

The third story I’m going to talk about this week is Star Lord and Kitty Pryde.

Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #1 (2015) - Page 1

This one is impressive for many reasons – first off, this features the Peter Quill that escaped Earth with Reed Richards and the others. He’s hiding out in Manhattan using the pseudonym Steve Rodgers, and is making a living singing Disney songs to a crowd that’s never heard of Disney movies. His manager is a version of Drax that has more in common with Lorne from the TV series Angel. While Peter is singing, in comes Kitty Pryde, who is tracking anomalies for the Doom foundation, and this Kitty’s got claws – specifically a set of Wolverine claws.

Kitty meets with Gambit, and Peter spots her, goes over to her, and after a quick tussle with Gambit, grabs her and kisses her. Of course, this Kitty doesn’t know Peter Quill, so he gets a swift punch in the jaw, at which point his blood hits Kitty’s anomaly sensor.

So, Peter and Kitty end up joined, not in matrimony as Peter wants, but in handcuffs as she begins to gleefully drag him away to Doomgard. I’ll be keeping an eye out for more in this series. It’s the first side-story featuring one of the Earth-616 survivors, and it promises to be be pretty funny!

Stay tuned for more from the Battleworld next week, and let me know in the comments if there’s a story I haven’t covered that you want me to talk about!