This is where it gets interesting, and also hilarious.

This week in the Battleworld, the main story is left alone while we explore some of the realms in Doom’s world, such as Manhattan, where a bunch of Spider-people are trying to find each other, Arcadia, where She-Hulk is baroness and leader of the A-Force, and Greenland, which is a nice name for the realm of the Hulks, so not as pretty as Greenland on Earth!

Also in Manhattan, the Avengers from Earth 616 and Earth 1610 get together and we start to find out how the worlds began to collide.

There’s a lot more happening, but this week I want to focus on the funniest of the Secret Wars stories, and I don’t mean Peter Porker the Spider Ham‘s origin story (which is also covered), or even M.O.D.O.K vs all the M.O.D.O.Ks!

For fun, this week, we’re heading back to the original Secret Wars again, but this time, with the Merc with a Mouth himself, Deadpool!

Back when the original Secret Wars happened, Deadpool, of course, wasn’t involved, and the story was serious business in a way that Marvel has kind of outgrown. Marvel still has many dark and serious stories, but the storytelling has moved away from the over-dramatic dialogue of old. In my opinion this is a good thing.

In Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars, the titular hero (Now who’s going for over-dramatic writing, huh? :P) breaks apart the serious bidness of the original story with his own trademark humour. His confrontations with Crusher Creel, and later, Kang nearly had me falling out of my chair!

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