Kicking off this week with Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders!

When we left Dr. Faiza Hussain last, she was captured in a very 2000AD-esque world. She’s still a prisoner, and as she’s being interrogated by a Luke Cage clone, War Machine, who looks more like a tank in this one (seriously, read this comic to see War Machine) guards the captives from Yinsen.

While I loved every minute of reading this comic, it seems like it’s only two issues. Even then, Captain Britain gets to take apart a very sick chair, gets her sword back, and even brokers peace. The twist? She was working for Doom all the time!

Howard the Human (2015) 001-000

Next up is Howard the Human. This one is an excellent concept, as far as I’m concerned. A reversal of the original Howard the Duck story where Howard is a human transported to an alien planet peopled with animals. The duck as a film noir style detective in a human world was a fun concept, but this reversal much more compelling. Howard is pretty much the same character as his duck counterpart, but his snark is more edgy because, let’s face it, he’s not a duck. This comic is fun for lovers and haters of Howard the Duck!

1872 002-000

Finally, this week, I’m going to talk about 1872. This comic still shows no signs of super powers. Sheriff Steve Rogers and his prisoner, Red Wolf, find themselves abandoned to their fates by the law, and they come face to face with Mr. Lester (Bullseye), Grizzly, Elektra, and Otto Octavius. Otto doesn’t have extra arms, but he does have extra guns on short mechanical arms under his coat.

Steve Rogers ends up shot in the back by Lester, and is then fed to the pigs by Wilson Fisk. Not a good way to go. Red Wolf ends up being hidden by Natasha Barnes, Bucky’s widow, who blames him for Bucky being scalped. The death of the sheriff hits Tony Stark hard, and a stranger who gives him a fortune from Tony’s fortune telling machine, Vision, prompts him into action. The comic ends with Tony building something, and Ben Urich, our narrator, determined to tell the truth.

There are many awesome stories out there in the Battleworld. Join me next week to see what happens in a few more of them!