The Secret Wars is certainly a marathon event! Seventeen weeks, and it’s still filled with amazing stories, like a new chapter of Marvel Zombies!

Yes, I’ve become a huge fan of Elsa Bloodstone, and this latest chapter doesn’t disappoint. When we left Elsa last, her little companion was captured by a bunch of Zombies who had found a renewable source of brains in Deadpool.

Elsa rescues the kid, who we find out is a girl, blows up Deadpool (It was an act of mercy, honest!), and escapes. Only the mysterious figure that has been stalking them (that I may or may not have mentioned previously) catches up with them, and he’s an unexpected figure who seems to be hunting every incarnation of Elsa he can find. Go read to find out who he is.

Civil War (2015-) 003-000

Next up from this week is Civil War. Spider-Man‘s mission looks like it’s all going wrong, just like She-Hulk‘s. Spidey manages to pull off the mission after Elektra is killed by Stark‘s version of the Sentinels, while Jennifer manages to convince an ageing Professor X that she’s just a lawyer. That, of course, glosses over one important character – a Wilson Fisk who has been taken over by Doc Ock‘s arms.

Jennifer find Bullseye and confirms that he was the one who shot Miriam Sharpe, only to come face-to-face with Speedball (he was the guy who accidentally blew up a school and started the Civil War story). Speedball recognises Jennifer and calls for backup.

Back in the Iron, Venom/Hawkeye shoots Fisk/Ock through the head with Elektra’s chuck. Yes, that’s as gruesome and awesome as it sounds.

By the end of the comic, Jennifer is captured by T’challa (who everyone thinks is dead), and Spidey and his team returns with all they went out there for.


This week was chock full of very good stories, so a third to cover was difficult to choose. The fact that I chose Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars might not surprise many, but there’s also a new M.O.D.O.K. Assassin, which you’l have to read for yourselves!

In this final issue of Deadpool‘s foray into the first Secret¬†War, Wade and Janet Van Dyne (Wasp) wake up after a night of grown-up fun. Fast forward to after Zsaji resurrects all the heroes, and Wade is back to looking like an avocado had sex with an older avocado. After a face-off with Doom, Deadpool gets transported to the Beyonder‘s pocket dimension and saves the day after an epic fourth wall break. The ending reminds you that Wade Wilson is an old romantic at heart.

And that’s all for this week. Join me next week for more from the Battleworld!