This week brings us back to Old Man Logan and Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars, and the Last days of series continues to chronicle the lead up to the Secret Wars, this week with Ms Marvel!

Old Man Logan comes face to face with the X-Men this week, only he remembers having killed all of them fifty years ago. While Emma Frost and Storm try to figure out what happened to this Logan, Sabretooth breaks up the reunion. Magneto reacts by blaming Logan and throws him through a wall into the path of an oncoming Apocalypse!

Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #2 (of 4) (2015) - Page 1

Deadpool continues to disrupt the original Secret Wars with his usual brand of humour. This week he teams up with Lizard as he recounts how he gained a shield with psychic powers and then lost it, teamed up with the X-Men, made the Hulk angrier on purpose, and had his face healed.

The star of this week, though, is Ms Marvel. She sees a planet heading to Manhattan, and heads back to New Jersey to make sure her family and friends are safe from the hordes of people running away from the city. She manages to run on water (after eating too many Doom Dogs) and then, realising that people are going to think the rules don’t matter any more, she runs back to get everyone to her school – a place protected by Loki’s spells.

Ms. Marvel #16 (2015) - Page 1

Once everyone is safe, she turns to the approaching planet, and finally stands side-by-side with her hero: Captain Marvel.

The last panel made me grin with glee. I’ve wanted to see Carol and Kamala kick butt together since Kamala’s story began, and I can’t wait until the next issue!

As a side note, I’m really loving the Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. variant covers. The one for issue 1 of Thors features a fantastic bit of Mockingbird art. The comic also features a Groot Thor… I am THOR!

Which brings me to my question this week: If you could grant a Mjolnir to any hero, which one would you choose?

Funniest Thor: Howard the Thor. Serious answer: Black Widow, because we already know she’s worthy!