It’s my own damned fault for complaining about a quiet week in the Secret wars, last week. This week is so full of awesome that I’m going to cover more stories than usual, starting with The Last Days of Ms. Marvel.

Kamala and Captain Marvel arrive to save Kamala’s brother, but find him surrounded by terrigen mist, but he’s not in a cocoon, which is a wrinkle in Kamala’s ex crush’s plan. Aamir (Kamala’s brother) wakes up long enough to tell her ex how bad a plan this was, then lay a beat-down on him before fainting. What follows is a lot of sweet, epic moments between Kamala and Carol, and then, a huge revelation. I was grinning, reading every panel. The next issue will be the conclusion of Kamala’s last days, and if this issue is anything to go by, there will be tears.

Secret Wars 2099 (2015) 005-000

I haven’t really covered Secret Wars 2099, but this week’s issue brought the story to a close, and really, I hope this team comes back. We have a Captain America who is only aware of her identity as Captain America when she’s activated, a Black Widow that’s a lot more like her namesake (spoilers!), and a Hawkeye who has wings. They’re all part of a team of Avengers owned and run by the Alchemax corporation. In 2099, super powered people are either locked up, or under Alchemax’s control. No vigilantes allowed. So, of course, along comes a vigilante group that calls itself The Defenders. These guys have a Hulk, a Silver Surfer, and a Doctor Strange, and they don’t want to help only those approved by Alchemax. Eventually, these two opposing teams get together to take on Martin Hargood. It’s a great series of comics, and very much worth reading. The last few panels will make you want to know more!

Siege (2015-) 003-000

Siege continues from where we left off – Abigail Brand facing off against an Ultron enhanced Nick Fury. When I saw the last panel of the last issue, I made a mistake. I thought he was zombified, but this is clarified early on. This story features two Ultrons in love, Kang being a hero, and a lot of dead Summers. A trilling read!

A-Force (2015-) 004-000

A-Force begins where the last issue left off; with our Arcadian heroes escaping into the pocket universe that is Singularity. We find out who was responsible for the first event that led to America Chavez being sent to the Shield Wall: Loki. Loki tries to talk her way out of it, but Sister Grimm sees through her lies, which, of course, leads to a fight. Loki, being the sore loser that she is, rips a hole in the Shield Wall. The next issue will tell us what happens next!

Civil War (2015-) 004-000

Civil War begins a countdown to the Battle of the Divide with Captain America learning that Bellcurve is ready, while Iron Man searches for She-Hulk, who has been captured by the Black Panther… Or has she? While the battle lines are drawn on the surface, Iron Man and She-Hulk discover that the person they thought was Black Panther is a Krull. Will Iron Man and She-Hulk manage to capture the Krull and show Captain America that they’re all fighting over nothing before he gets to use Bellcurve? We’ll have to find out next time!

What will next week bring? Who knows… This week has been epic! What stories have you enjoyed the most so far?