Apologies, Secret Warriors, but my brain went ‘splodey this week.

Seriously; Ms Marvel, Civil War, Siege, and Guardians of Knowhere, all in the same week?

Let’s begin with Ms Marvel. This is the only one of the “Last Days of…” series that I really like, and with Carol mentoring Kamala for most of the comic, I was grinning like a fool. Kamala’s fangirling and Carol’s patience as they try to find Kamala’s brother in the middle of the end of the world is funny, poignant, and, as I’ve come to expect from the Ms Marvel series, thought provoking and intelligent. Carol’s explanation of how it’s impossible to save everyone, and then their battle with Kaboom, which is a one-liner goldmine, are two of the many highlights in this comic. If you haven’t read Ms Marvel, you’ll want to go back and read them all!

Now, we get back to the Battleworld with Civil War.

Civil War #2 (2015)

In the aftermath of the assassination attempt at the summit in the last issue, both sides have retreated to their corners to investigate what happened and try to find the culprit. Stark starts with a drone to investigate the assassin’s trail, but that’s soon returned to him via Storm and Colossus, and not in a friendly way. Stark also starts to look more closely at the timeline for this war, and sees a few problems with it. He starts to wonder about an outside influence forcing the war to continue. Meanwhile on the other side of the war, Hank McCoy has succeeded in a secret project that could hold dire consequences for both sides of the conflict.

By the end of this issue, both sides have sent covert forays into the other side for information and supplies. Spider-Man leads a team from the Blue, and Jennifer Walters sheds her green look and heads out from the Iron. At the end of this issue, both are in trouble. I’ll be looking out for the next issue impatiently!

For the third and final comic I’m going to talk about this week, I went with Siege.

Siege #2 (2015)

Anyone who read my geekout about the first issue of this comic will understand why.

The comic starts out with Abigail Brand‘s departing second-in-command, Leah Hel-Ranger, heading into the Wasteland to find the love of her life, Illyana Rasputin. Abigail handles this with her usual flair, meaning that a little baiting from Kang leads to her nearly shooting him in the face. One of the Scott Summers clones intervenes. This is when we discover that she had to kill the creature that Hank McCoy had become after he was lost to the Wasteland.

A hell of a lot is packed in the few pages of this comic. To summarise it would not do it justice. There’s Kang realising he may have miscalculated, there’s Nick Fury offering advice to Abigail, there’s Ultron rebels, and, right at the end, there’s another heartbreak for Abigail. The next issue will be very interesting.

What do you think week fifteen will bring? Many of the side stories are an issue away from completion, but will we see more of the main story? Let me know what you hink in the comments!