It’s time the X-Men came out to play!

Of the various Secret Wars tales that came out this week, I’m going to focus on Inferno and Old Man Logan. These are the first real X-Men related tales from the Battleworld, and they’re both excellent.

First, let’s talk about Old Man Logan.

As you can guess from the title, this marks the return of Wolverine, who was killed recently after he lost his healing factor. Well, now he’s back, and he somehow has fifty years of memories in the Battleword’s wastelands, where he was duped into killing all of his fellow X-Men, lost his family to The Hulk, and now, after massacring The Hulk family, he’s raising their sole surviving baby as his own.

And now he wants to set the world right.

The artwork is beautiful for this comic. It’s gritty, bloody, and shows a wasteland that truly fits the name. Logan himself now has all white hair, and he heals again. He appears with purpose, and at peace with it. Emma Frost also makes an appearance, as does someone who appears to be Luke Cage’s daughter.

I won’t spoil too much of this one, because any fan of Wolverine will love it!

Secondly, we have Inferno.

Set in Manhattan, but four years after a band of demons have turned it into a little slice of hell away from hell, this story focuses on an annual pilgrimage by Colossus where he tries to rescue his sister, Magik, from a demon controlled Empire State Building.

The biggest problem is that Magik has been taken over by Darkchild, her demon form, and is the ruler of Inferno.

After the previous year’s battle with DarkchildColossus has lost the use of his right arm, and Scott Summers is in Professor X‘s wheelchair, and decides that this is the last time he will allow Colossus to go after his sister.

For the rest, I recommend reading the comic. It’s action packed!

Fans of the X-Men will also want to check out the appearance of a different Wolverine in Secret Wars Journal.

Going back to Old Man Logan, I’m hoping this is the version of Wolverine to return when the Secret Wars end, but what do you think? How would you like to see him come back?