It’s week fifteen and we have a new issue of the Secret Wars’ main story!

This one isn’t as heavy on the action as others. It tells the true history of the Battleworld. After Stephen Strange’s funeral, a guilt-racked Doom¬†seeks out the counsel of Owen Reece, also known as Molecule Man. He goes to where Owen lives, deep below Doomgard, and tells him how and why he killed Doctor Strange. Owen recounts how he and Doom not only oversaw the creation of the Battleworld, but were responsible for the demise of many dimensions, and may have started the chain reaction that led to the need for the Battleworld in the first place. He also recounts how Stephen Strange was brought in after the damage had been done in an effort to save something.

Meanwhile, Valeria (Susan Storm’s daughter) and the Foundation are tasked with finding the survivors from the life raft, but when Valeria asks questions as to who they are, Doom responds with threats. Valeria, however, ignores those and begins to ask the same questions of the Foundation instead. They discover that Stephen Strange’s power was the opposite of Doom’s, and they plan to use that to find the life raft survivors.

This issue is important mainly because it echoes what we’ve seen in many of the side stories: People are having problems with Doom’s history of the Battleworld. It’s not so bad when it’s a baron of a faraway land, but when it’s Doom’s own “daughter” that sees cracks in the story, it means that things aren’t going to go so well for the self-appointed God of the Battleworld.

Also out this week is the fourth and final issue of the Secret Wars – Battleworld collection of short tales.

Secret Wars - Battleworld 04

This issue focuses on a couple of variations on the Silver Surfer. In the first of two tales, he’s living a version of his time in service to Galactus, where he goes out and hunts for food to feed the devourer so that his land is not destroyed. In the second tale, the Silver Surfer has to recover his board, which is sitting in Maestro’s vault after Doom gave it to him as a gift.

The only reason I mention this comic this week is because the Silver Surfer has been absent from the Battleworld (you’ll have to read the Last Days Of issues of the Silver Surfer to know more), and these two stories reminded me of the threat the Surfer is to Doom. If this goes the way I think it will, then the finale of the Secret Wars will be suitably epic.

That’s all from me this week. Join me again next week with more from the Secret Wars!