So we finally got our first glimpses at “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” earlier today. For those of you far outside the loop, this is the first movie in the Harry Potter universe that does not include Harry Potter. Here is the surprising thing though..

It takes place in a very un-magical New York. Not Hogwarts, not even in Britain. New York city, just two hours from our favorite writer, Giovanni Russano (He did the “All Geeks Must Die” story for us). What makes this even more interesting is the subject matter and how the wizarding world would react. When a slew of magical creatures disappear into the sprawling landscape that is New York City, someone is going to be held accountable. Dementors might be involved, its THAT serious. Not only are they a danger to Muggles, but it breaks secrecy laws as well. So if its Newt Scamander’s fault, he may be fighting a war on two fronts. =) Only time will tell!

But here, take a look at the trailer yourself:

So what do you think? Are you willing to give this movie a shot despite the lack of the Harry Potter trio? Are you, like me, hoping to see younger versions of old favorite characters? A younger Dumbledore, a young James Potter or Sirius Black? Let us know in the comments!