Now of course, because they are just wrapping up photography, there is not a lot to see of the World of Warcraft movie (officially titled Warcraft). However attendees at San Diego Comic Con this past week did get a little glimpse. Once that releases (which I suspect will be in early November during Blizzcon in Anaheim) to us that didn’t made it to SDCC, we will happily post it here on Geeks of the Round.

However until then, have a little teaser on what it looks like to fly over the Alliance stronghold of Stormwind. This is an interactive 360 degree video, which means you can use your mouse or finger to look in any direction while the video is playing. Its not the most exciting video, but it is quite beautiful.

Check it out here!

With the game World of Warcraft being at some of its lowest population its ever been at a measly 7 million subscribers, (that was sarcasm folks), do you think all those people putting out as much as 15 dollars a month will put down another 10 dollars to see this movie? Is the time of World of Warcraft gone and done with this movie being the last gasp of a dying game? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Warcraft is being made by Universal Pictures and Legendary Entertainment. It is slated to release December 18, 2015.

For the Alliance!