View source. What if we had that for people? Would people really want to see? Find someone to be your honest self with? Bullshit.

For an episode that where Elliot (Rami Malek) mocks the idea of being real in front of anyone, we see at least two separate cases where he lets his guard down.  We start with a flashback of Elliot meeting Shayla (Frankie Shaw), in which Shayla shoves herself into his world and then basically declares that they are friends and he just sort of accepts it. He never hide to lie, he never had to hide anything. She just plants her friend flag within minutes of meeting him. Elliot really had no choice in the matter.

In a flashback after her death, they have to make it worse by playing The Cure's "Pictures of You" as background music.

And they have to make it worse by playing The Cure’s “Pictures of You” as background music.

The second time he opens up though.. o boy.. So Elliot has been seeing a therapist (named Krista, played by Gloria Ruben) for a year now, court mandated though they haven’t mentioned why. He’s done with his obligation to the courts and he spent the entire year hiding things from her. This has worked out nicely for him because if she knew who and what he really is, she’s liable to have him locked up. Then he goes and tells her. No longer under obligation to the courts, she comes to see her anyways. This makes her very happy because she can tell he’s lying, she just does not know how. That’s when, after assuring that she can’t/won’t tell anyone, he drops it all on her lap.. and he starts with her. He tells her, to her face, all of her secrets. All of her failures in life. he love for a certain type of porn, all of her evil wishes for the death of her own mother, everything.  He goes on to tell her that its not her. Its everyone. He hacks everyone he knows. He, almost as a side note, mentions that he helps people, but then he goes on to say that she’s alone and that he relates. Then he lays the whopper on her. He want’s her help to stop being alone.

I loved her reactions so much, I made a slide show about it..

How do you respond to that? He, just then, has either created a great enemy, or a great ally. I mean it definitely helped that its not JUST her. How much it helps though? We should see next episode.

It should be noted that he is opening up to her shortly after Shayla died in the last episode. While Angela (Portia Doubleday) is his “best friend”, its really Shayla that saw him for what he was. So it makes me wonder if Elliot is look for that in Krista. A person he can be real with who won’t judge due to demons of her own.

Note: This is where I acknowledge that I didn’t do a review last week. Last week’s episode was beyond ridiculous, I didn’t like it one bit. The idea of hacking a prison to open up like that reeks of jumping the shark, so I chose, and continue to choose, that it didn’t happen. That way I can still think of this as a somewhat realistic show.

Angela and Colby have a nice conversation about corporate culpability and sucking his cock.

Angela and Colby have a nice conversation about corporate culpability and sucking his cock.

As for everyone else.. Angela has been spending the past couple episodes trying to get revenge for the death of her mother (and debt of her father) by lying, saying the chain of custody for evidence provided was broken in the trial of Terry Colby (Bruce Altman). You will remember that Mr. Colby was the former CTO of E(vil) Corp. She is trying to get him to testify to meetings he was a part of where they decided it was okay to poison the environment, which is how Angela’s mother died. Honestly I haven’t cared about Angela’s story up to this point, I still don’t now. It’s easily forgettable and I had to Google her characters name again because that’s how forgettable her character is.

Tyrell Wellwick (Martin Wallström) wants the CTO position pretty bad. I am not sure what his angle is, but he makes the new CTO’s wife think he wants to sleep with her. Then the next episode he kills her on a rooftop. I am really confused by this story line.

How is killing the bosses wife going to help you climb the corporate ladder?

How is killing the bosses wife going to help you climb the corporate ladder?

Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) himself has had little to do these past couple episodes. This week however he’s getting the band back together. Other than a little gun play, that story in of itself is meh. It however it leads us to Darlene’s story. Darlene (Carly Chaikin) is the only character that is holding on to the story that I came to watch this show for. She’s the only one actively working to fight the system with a keyboard. Can I just say how much I am liking this actress in this role? I recognize her from Suburgatory, where she plays a character so vapid, Paris Hilton might be emulating her. I really like Chaikin in this role, as it shows her range comparatively.

"Did you have to make me look like a shitty foot soldier?"

“Did you have to make me look like a shitty foot soldier?”

So Darlene has been rejected by “The Dark Army”, a group of Chinese hackers based in New York (and I am guessing China). After getting rejected by them through their white boy emissary, (who she used to hook up with), she decides to hack him and ask for a sit down with the head of the organization using his name and IP. White boy emissary (not worth looking up the name) gets pissed, wants nothing to do with her anymore, but she gets the sit down anyways. More on the next episode.

This episode improves greatly upon the last one, but still does not bring us back to what we really want to see, which is Elliot fighting the powers that be. That’s the show we were sold, and while I am sure we will get back to it by end of the season, its difficult waiting. There is a considerable amount of things I didn’t care about before that are slowing taking over the show. Angela and her boyfriend is at the forefront of that list. Even the Wellwick story line is starting to get boring because they haven’t explained what the hell he is doing.

Do you care what's going on with Angela's boyfriend? No one does.

Do you care what’s going on with Angela’s boyfriend? No one does.

But as always, until they screw up the character, I watch this show for Elliot. Because of Elliot alone, I have to give this episode a very forgiving 8 out of 10.

Do you agree, disagree? Let us know, down below. I’m a poet and I didn’t really think I was. (There must be a better way to say that).