So Mr Robot wrapped up its season and I am a bit disappointed. Not only in the idea that I will have to wait another 42 weeks before I can find out what fsociety does next, but because this episode intentionally skipped the fun parts between last episode and this one..


Nothing says cyber freedom like a cyber US flag and cyber Bud Light!

Last time on Mr. Robot..
Who cares? The only important thing is that in their flashbacks they intentionally show the gun being placed in the popcorn, verifying how Tyrell Wellwick (Martin Wallström) dies, as focusing on the popcorn was the last thing we see in episode 9. Sadly though, we don’t see it happen. Instead we jump ahead 3 days. Tyrell and the hack have both been executed.  Elliot (Rami Mallek) remembers none of it, so he goes seeking answers while the rest of the fsociety (they don’t capitalize it, so I won’t either) is left to get rid of the evidence.

When you run out of Duraflames, old desktop computers make a smelly, but fine alternative!

But does Elliot care? Noooo.. He’s gotta find out whats going on with Tyrell because he doesn’t remember.. Who cares? You won! Get over it!
But no, instead he forces his other personality out, aka his dead father. But this leads to the best scene in the movie! Did you watch Pump up the Volume? Christian Slater pulls a Happy Hard On rant about how he is as real as anything society has to offer, and its brilliant. Eventually Elliot gives up and goes home. End of episode. See? Disappointing.

Talk Hard!

Talk Hard!

In other peoples stories (the ones I don’t care about):
Angela (Portia Doubleday) join Evil Corp just as its imploding. She gets new shoes because the last ones got blood on them.
Krista Gordon (Elliot’s shrink played by Gloria Reuben) decides not to turn Elliot in, but maybe just to spite her ex.
Gideon Goddard (Michel Gill) is broke.

Last thing then I will wrap up. There was a scene in this episode I did not really mention as of yet. It does not really add to the episode or season, but this episode was delayed a week because of its inclusion. A corporate hack that works for Evil Corp is talking to the press and decides to end his life on live broadcast television news. I have intentionally excluded any pictures of this because I know too many people in that industry and frankly, its a touch upsetting after what happened last Wednesday in Virginia. If you feel the need to see pictures of that, there are plenty of places that have it I am sure.

Mr. Robot (and Budweiser) is watching you! (Is this show sponsored by Bud?)

Mr. Robot (and Budweiser) is watching you! (Is this show sponsored by Bud?)

Now to the review! If this episode had spent the first 5 minutes of it actually doing the two things I have been waiting for the entire season instead of skipping over them and letting us assume they were done? It’d be a 10 out of 10. However this episode wasted so much time with pointless stories that they could have pushed to next season, but they didn’t. I was saddened by this episode. I have to give it a 7.5 out of 10, and it’s only that high because of Christian Slater’s rant.

What do you think? Did you like the show? Are you going to watch it next season? Tell us what you think about the episode and the season and general in the comments below!