With last month’s line up not really doing it for me, I was hoping to see better this month.  While this line-up still doesn’t excite me, there’s a few things I’ll be paying attention to.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition is a pretty good game; played around with it on PS3 (or rather, on PS4 via PlayStation Now) and it seemed like something worth exploring further.  While I’ve never put hands on The Unfinished Swan before, it was a critical hit so it should be cool to check that out as well.  Not sure about Ether One, Race the Sun, or Hohokum though.  Think I’ll probably wait for reviews to give me an idea about whether I should bother.

Excited about this line-up, or upset because there’s no AAA games included?  What will you be playing in this collection?  Let us know in the comments!