(Writers Note: This is the second part of a two part article. The first was the announcement. This second part is about what we know, what we can speculate and what we need to be asking.)

The announcement of the new Star Trek series is severely lacking in information. This article hopes to clear a little bit of this up for us. These points ARE speculation. But they are educated speculation as you will see.

It will be in the Abramsverse
First thing we know. Alex Kurtzman is Executive Producing this (alongside Heather Kadin). Alan Kurtzman co-wrote the JJ Abrams Star Trek movie from 2009 along with Star Trek: Into Darkness released in 2013. This would lead us to believe, with relative certainty, that the new series will exist within the Abrams timeline. As I am sure you will recall, every movie and tv series was set to the side in the Abramsverse. The old shows and movies still exist, they are still canon, but Abrams now focuses on an alternate version of events. What if things went differently? Since Kurtzman helped build the Abramsverse, its a safe bet this show takes place in it.

It will not be based on the Enterprise UNLESS it is far in the future of the movies.
There is a reason we don’t see the Enterprise NC 1701-B or NC 1701-C in the original shows (until the NC 1710-D is firmly established at least). You don’t want to tell people how, when or why the ship before it was destroyed. Example: If this show states that it takes place in the year 2279 and its about the Enterprise NC 1701-A, then you know the original NC 1701 was recently destroyed. You now know when the movies will supposedly end and most likely how the Enterprise was destroyed, spoiling the movie it happens in. So no. It won’t be the Enterprise unless its far into the future.

It will piss people off, but for little reason.
Between Alan Kurtzman and Heather Kadin, they are responsible for Scorpion, Limitless, Matador, Sleepy Hollow and Hawaii Five-O. With exception to Hawaii Five-O, the rest of the shows completely defy what you would expect to work on television. Filled with geeks, magic, slackers and one about a secret agent soccer player, these shows SHOULD NOT WORK. (Coincidentally one did not.. requiescat in pace Matador, you were amazing.) The new Star Trek will not be the exception. Star Trek has always been known for its social commentary. Between the first onscreen interracial kiss, or the lesson to save the whales, shining the light on detainment camps like we put the Japanese in, the price of war.. etc.. Star Trek has been a gauge through the years of whats wrong with our society. In this day and age? THAT WILL PISS PEOPLE OFF! A LOT! I give this show one season before A Million Moms starts to protest it. This show SHOULD and hopefully WILL upset some folks. But when it gets down to it, its really just going to boil down to Wheaton’s Law: Don’t be a dick. (Wil Wheaton, former co-star of Star Trek: The Next Generation played Wesley Crusher, the boy would piss off a fandom.) Don’t be a dick.. how difficult is that? Apparently very difficult to many.

It will be highly pirated.
Currently the show with the record for pirate downloads is Game of Thrones. This has a little to do with the fact that HBO does not seem to have an issue with that and a lot to do with the fact that they refuse to release, in ANY form after its initial run, last seasons episodes until the season after premieres. So that means nine months with no way to watch the season previous. Its a travesty.
So when I say that the new Star Trek show may surpass that record? You know I am being serious. Digital streaming is pretty easy to copy and publish so we have the supply. Then CBS is making you play 6 dollars a month to watch? No one is going to do that. They are already paying 9 dollars a month for Netflix, 8 dollars a month for Hulu (or more if you don’t want commercials) and those guys are giving you A LOT more than one show. Remember when you went to Yahoo! Screen to watch Community? That was free and no one did it! Very few people are going to pay an additional 6 dollars a month for a single tv show because anyone with brains will realize that every other show CBS All-Access has can be found somewhere else they already have access to, sometimes on the CBS site itself!

The rumors are going to be fast and furious!
Everything thus far in this article is educated speculation. Its based on how things have worked in the past and knowledge of the people in charge of the new show. However, starting about now.. people are going to be saying “What if this is true..”. Then a little after that, people will be saying “This is true..”, all without citing sources or sound reasoning. Its fun to speculate, that’s why we do it at the end of every vidcast we produce. However keep in mind the difference between “what if” and “we know..”. I have already seen one post saying that we know it will be named Star Trek: Constellation because of an IMDB page. VERIFY! That IMDB page says it premieres in 2016, not 2017 and has no other information, so it probably wasn’t made for this specific tv show, invalidating the name. Verify the information you are working with before you make assumptions. Please. Otherwise you could be working with false info and make yourself look stupid.

So what do you think? Is this going to flop? Is CBS making a terrible mistake? Do my assumptions hold water in your eyes? Let us know in the comments below!