The main story arc of Marvel’s Secret Wars has finally come to an end, and while it was a truly exciting story at times, the ending was underwhelming.

Maybe it’s because the post event stories have already started, maybe it’s because the ending was predictable, or maybe it’s that the event ended because the story did, but the release of the final issue of the story registered as little more than a footnote, as far as my excitement for it is concerned.

The ending was pretty well telegraphed once Molecule Man was revealed as the source of Doom’s power. The fact that everything returned to something approaching normal means that, as transformative events go, it wasn’t much of one. The Battleworld showed us some of our favourite characters as very different versions of themselves, it put them in unfamiliar situations, and made some characters more interesting. It should have set up a Marvel world with some seriously fun changes, but instead it just fizzled out into an artistically beautiful, yet thoroughly predictable finale, and left the only truly interesting change as the new, supposedly improved, Victor Von Doom.

So there it is. The Secret Wars started with a bang, then, thanks to Molecule Man and Reed Richards, became an event that few characters in the Marvel universe will remember, and less impactful than other events like AvX, House of M, and Axis.

Ultimately, the Secret Wars event was greater than its core story. The side stories were much more entertaining than the core story, and the core story outlived the event for way too long. It’s still a good read, just to see how it all fits together.

Also, I’m annoyed that Elsa Bloodstone and Abigail Brand didn’t get their own series post event.

In other words, ignore my whining and read the damned comic. It gets a 4/5 rating.