A fancy title designed to entice you into reading an article you really don’t need to read at all. Let’s be honest, it’s all there in those 12 words. Keaton, Ledger and Affleck; three of the most panned pre-release casting choices in comic book history that ended up knocking the early critics on their asses and feeding them giant slices of humble pie. Three rare cases where the studio actually gets to tell the fans… Told ya so!

Michael Keaton – The internet might not have exploded back in 1988 but a couple of mailboxes surely did with some strongly worded hate mail from perplexed fans. Mr. Mom is going to be Batman?? A comedian as Batman!?!? Other such babbling nonsense that made no sense. I mean, come on, Adam West was the Batman the world knew before Keaton. I just don’t get it but complain they did and when the movie came out, tunes changed. Was it Tim Burton‘s vision, Keaton’s acting or both? That’s debatable but what’s not debatable….

Heath Ledger‘s performance in The Dark Knight Rises was no doubt the reason his internet naysayers were crushed in defeat. It was a brutal victory. Nobody wanted him as the Joker. Fans worldwide cried out a list of 10 Things They Hate About Heath Ledger. You’d have thought they’d cast Joey Fatone in the role of the Joker. The public saw him as no more than another youth-marketed heartthrob and then he came, he acted, he conquered and he died. He did so well in his role as the Joker there’s no doubt in my mind he’d still be riding that high right now as one of the biggest stars in the world had he not picked up that last bottle of pills from Michelle Tanner. “You shouldn’t have got it dude.”

And now we come to the point of this whole veiled news story article; Batfleck. Once again the community was up in arms when it was announced that Ben Affleck was donning the pointy ears and cowl after the overrated Christian Bale era. I for one thought he’d be great from the moment I heard and I welcomed any change at that point because a Bale fan I am not. Can’t put my finger on what I didn’t like about him, probably because I’d need like twenty hands to do so, but I do know the only film in Christopher Nolan‘s trilogy I gave a repeat watch was Rises and the other two have faded in my mind much like 1997’s Batman & Robin.

While Dawn of Justice may have been a commercial meh and a bit of a snoozer, fans, critics and, now more than before, the studios are all getting on the Batfleck train. First he signs on for a however many picture deal and it’s rumored he’ll direct the next solo Bat film, then it’s announced/rumored(?) that he will play a bigger part than expected in Suicide Squad (could it be by way of lots of mentions or will he actually get a bunch of screen time remains to be seen), then they officially announce him as the writer and directer of the next Batman movie and now they bring him to the Executive Producers table for Justice League. Clearly they are positioning him to become a major player behind the scenes of the DCCU (is that what they call it?). (Editor’s note: yes)

We, the fans, don’t make it easy for the suits to take our dollars. Hats off to them for making us eat our words once in a while. It’s a small consolation for all the money-grab fails we’ve endured for our chosen interests over the years.