News coming out of Camp Mars, the camp themed Thirty Seconds to Mars mini-festival held in Malibu, California, further makes the case that Jared Leto is flat out unhappy with Warner Brothers over their use of his Joker in the poorly received Suicide Squad film.

When asked by a fan if he was made to sign any contracts by the Warner Brothers powers that be that would ban him from some of his favorite activities like rock climbing, he responded, “Yeah, but F#@k ‘em.”

This discontent comes on the heels of comments made regarding unused footage of his portrayal of the legendary Joker. When asked by a reporter if there were any of his Joker scenes cut from the Suicide Squad film his response was something like, “What wasn’t cut from the film.”

He further went on to state in another interview, “there’s probably enough footage in this film for a Joker movie.”

If that wasn’t enough, attendees of Camp Mars have reported Jared Leto’s alleged feelings of being tricked into taking on the role of the Joker in DC’s film. A Jared Leto fansite wrote that Leto told attendees he felt  “sort of tricked into being a part of something that had been pitched to him very differently.” Allegedly it was pitched to him as an “Arthouse Thriller”.

It will be hard for him to form a solid opinion of the Suicide Squad film because Leto has yet to see the final theatrical release and according to sources he has vowed to never see the movie.

Where do you stand on the Suicide Squad film and Jared Leto’s take on what is probably the single most iconic villain role in history? Was it worth the dead rats and method acting madness? What about the small glimmer of hope in all of this, could we see a potential Joker film in the future pieced together from all the cutscenes? I, for one, would love to see them do something like that.