It has finally happened, folks! Negan’s pre-apocalypse profession has been revealed and he was NOT a used car salesman as previously suspected. It’s even better…

He was a GYM TEACHER!!!


Image+ is a new monthly mag from Image comics and in each issue for the next 12 months 4 pages of Negan’s backstory is being revealed totaling a 48 page story called Here’s Negan. The first issue came out April 27th and it started off as a simple game of ping pong in a garage between Negan and some teenage boys. Negan wins and gloats before challenging the other kids to step up and take him on. No one does and as the beaten boy runs off his friends follow but not before apologizing for him being ‘kind of a pussy’.

After they are gone a woman comes out and yells at Negan for cursing at children and says she just got a call from some parents complaining about him. He’s supposed to be a role model and if he keeps it up he could lose his job as a coach at the school. He defends himself by saying he was only trying to be the “cool teacher” and she should only hear some of the stuff the students say. Before she can argue, the woman collapses and Negan runs to her screaming, “Baby!?! Baby!?!?”

Are we all thinking the same thing here? Is the woman he’s calling baby his wife or girlfriend? One can only assume. What other assumptions come from that? Perhaps that woman’s name is…. LUCILLE!?!?!

Only 4 pages and I am freaking out with excitement. All will finally be revealed!!! …in a year. I can’t promise I’ll review each installment of Here’s Negan because they are only 4 pages each but if they are as good as this you can count on it. At the very least stay tuned here for all the major reveals over the next 12 months. So far so good and I’m glad I’m late to the party with this first issue because now I only have to wait a few days for the next one!