So I am not sure any of us here at GotR headquarters are super excited about Heroes: Reborn. We want to be wrong though. Each of us is hoping that maybe, just maybe, Heroes: Reborn will impress us and perhaps revive a franchise that quite frankly, failed us more and more as it continued on.

The web content in this article does not inspire thoughts of greatness. Honestly though, what web content based on a tv show ever has? With that in mind, the idea of seeing what has happened between the time Claire Bennett jumped off that carousel in front of dozens of news crews to now? That’s got my interest. I think I will be tuning into all of these prequel videos, just as I will be watching Heroes: Reborn. Just know that it will be more for curiosity sake than a belief in its quality.

I hope I am wrong. Take a look:

So what do you think? Am I being to harsh to a show that changed comic books shows forever? Tell us in the comments below!