So with Captain America: Civil War releasing soon, I thought I might gather up everyone team affiliations and why they chose that side to get everyone prepared for the upcoming movie! Let’s see what everyone had to say!

captain-america-civil-war-cap-posterTeam Captain America:

The thing about slippery slopes is that they often start with fear. Fear drives us to seek protection, but protection comes at the cost of freedom and privacy. The world will always hold something for us to fear, and while building a suit of armour around it may give the illusion of security, the only real way to deal with fear is through freedom and equality. If we feel less threatened by each other because we have mutual respect, then fear fades, regardless of a variation of strengths. #TeamCap

I get where Tony is coming from given that the majority of the damage that happened in the second Avengers movie was almost entirely his fault, but he’s letting his own fears get away from him and trying to make them everyone else’s problem.  Yeah, Tony is impulsive and arrogant and having someone to answer to would probably be for the best, but that doesn’t apply to everyone else (well, except for Banner maybe, but is anyone really going to try telling him what to do when he gets angry?) and Tony needs to understand that.  The freedom to act when action is necessary without having to go through red tape is exactly what makes heroes like Captain America so effective.

Team cap because that’s my boy fighting the good fight.

Team Iron Man:  e191818182de9b05e72c4cf5fb3eac74603802d3_m

Tony: Banner and I were doing the research..
Steve: That would affect the team..
Tony That would end the team. Isn’t that the mission? Isn’t that “why” we fight, so we can end the fight, so we get to go home?
Steve: Every time someone tries to win a war before it starts innocent people die. Every time.

Sorry, but I am totally Team Iron Man. Yes, he’s made mistakes. He is a flawed character that is learning from his mistakes. But his goals are always the same (ever since being stuck in that cave), “Peace in our time”. Captain America can’t say the same. He goes from battle field to battle field, making no friends outside of “work” and the one time he does, he recruits him! He has no real home, no attachments and just as big an ego as Stark does, except Stark allows himself to be humbled at times, Cap does not. Yes, when people try to win a war before it starts, innocent people die. But MORE innocent people die when an actual war breaks out. Furthermore, when everyone is shown their worse nightmares, Steve is shown peace. This proves that Steve is a warmonger. I HAVE to be Team Stark.

LOU (aka BudaRod) says:
I like Iron Man because he is a boss! He’s a rich playboy who likes to get down with the ladies and builds awesome toys.

ironmancaptainamerica-captain-america-3-civil-war-whose-side-are-you-on-jpeg-207892There are many that are undecided such as LOGAN JACKSON:
Captain America  v.s. Iron Man, such a conflicting argument.
Tony is a total asshole but that’s why I like him, he doesn’t care what everybody thinks. I don’t like the Captain America nor his actions but his main belief in freedom when it comes to human lives is essentially perfect. In the comics, Tony urges the president to go forward with the superhuman registration act, this seems like a move made completely in fear. It’s called the superhuman registration act, not the superhero registration act. This means the government would be rounding up superhumans and treating them like animals, or at least criminals. This sounds demeaning and cruel which sounds eerily like another time when a government rounded up a group of people, so when would the controlling of superhumans stop? Imagine if you were told that you were a thing to be feared and controlled would you, in a time of extreme danger and emotion, protect those said that, or aid in their destruction?  If a registration act like that were to be passed you could possibly be taking away rights of a human being, albeit with abilities. So if they don’t follow the comic books and just try to control the Avengers and their missions than I’m cool with backing Iron Man but if Civil war is going to be about the Superhuman registration act and giving too much power to the government then all I can say is go Captain America!

Then CHARLES WEEDEN had this to say: 
#TeamCap or #TeamIronMan, to be honest I’m not entirely sure I should join either side. Both sides have their good parts and bad, on Captain America’s side you have a group that wants to remain free and out from under the control of the government, which is all well and good but at the same time while remaining to be free they have been responsible (no matter how direct or indirect) for countless deaths, and so because of that I feel I need to agree with some of the viewpoints of Iron Man, but not all of them. However I also agree with some of the viewpoints of Captain America’s side. So all-in-all I can’t choose one side or the other, I understand that both side have their ups and downs and I firmly believe the situation is infinitely more complicated than the simplicity of “their side or ours”.

There is also this confused response from TODD GRUNDLE:
I refuse to answer this question without knowing more facts. Is this some kind of setup? What’s going on here? I don’t know what you want me to tell you, Captain America wears tights so from there I’d have to say #TeamIronMan… but, and this is a big butt, Iron man is siding with the government and I don’t often like them very much so that would probably put me on #TeamCap… but… wait… what are we talking about again?

So let me ask, what side do you choose? Let us know in the comments!