Gotham’s season 2 premiere had a lot going for it. Some, such as myself, would say its the best episode of Gotham to date. However there are certain things you have to put aside to enjoy it fully.
The first of these being the change in the format in the first place. Last year, for almost the entire season, it was “freak of the week”. This year, possibly due to the success of The Ogre story line, it seems to be going for more of a season long story arc.

You're fired! For.. umm.. being too damn tall!

You’re fired! For.. umm.. being too damn tall!

The second change we are going to have to get used to is a tainted James Gordon (Ben Mackenzie). He makes a compromise this episode he never would have made last season and it just seemed too convenient. Maybe the actor that plays Commissioner Leob (Peter Scolari) wanted out of his contract or something, but the idea of Gordon committing a violent crime so he can go back to enforcing the law? He knew it could come to that when he agreed to work for The Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor). If that’s not an outright shark jump, you have to agree Fonzie is warming up the motorcycle. What makes it worse is Leslie Thompkins (Morena Baccarin) knows he did something wrong, something illegal. She trusts however, that he did this bad thing for the right reasons, but he didn’t. They were selfish reasons, and that’s not the Gordon we were introduced to in the first season. The Gordon we were introduced to would use the blackmail HE ALREADY HAS to keep his job as a detective. Just because Leob tried to kill him does not mean Gordon doesn’t still have the info that Leob locked up his daughter in an attic for DECADES because she killed her mother.

True Fact: Jerome here is still less insane that Cameron Monaghan's other character Ian Gallagher on "Shameless".

True Fact: Jerome here is still less insane that Cameron Monaghan‘s other character, Ian Gallagher on “Shameless“.

Then there is the good part. The villains. This is where I think the show is going to shine this season. There was a small amount of establishing their dynamic this episode, but even second of it was enjoyable. Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) shows up to Arkham and shows she can hang, and even thrive, with the boys as it were. Then of course they were kidnapped and given an offer they couldn’t refuse (without consequence at least). I think an Injustice League like story line will be great for this show as long as Fish Mooney (Jada Pickett Smith) stays dead. I suspect that this group will find itself at odds with Penguin, so he and Gordon can work together some more.

Penguin spends time with his only customer at the worlds worst lounge.

Penguin spends time with his only customer at the worlds worst lounge.

I am going to have to give this episode a 7 out of 10, with the understanding that it is going to get better. Between the villains and Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) finally getting into the cave below, it has to, right? They have already released a trailer for next weeks episode and it looks.. well.. insane. They have even marked it as Red Band. Check it out, then leave your impressions of this weeks episode and whats to come in the comments!