This is not your typical “Let’s Play” type of article as I won’t be going over every minute detail of the new Fallout 4 expansion Far Harbor. This is more so a veiled review disguised as a “Let’s Play” type of article because, well, everything I do is really just a way of not doing something else. Whatever this thing is, it is. So let’s get on with it.

I’ll start by saying #1 there will be minor spoilers in this article and #2 GO GET THIS GAME EXPANSION!! I’m maybe halfway through playing at this point and already I can safely say, you will not regret the price tag. Even if you didn’t think ahead and get the season pass before they raised the price, this game is worth whatever you paid for it.

There’s at least one new follower that I found and many new settlements from what I hear. New monsters and baddies, new weapons, new consumables (like the useless(?) rabbit leg. Am I supposed to eat this raw??) and a map that’s way too big to get in one single screenshot. Far Harbor is literally a WHOLE NEW GAME worth of content. Unless you’re some kind of asshole who wants it all for nothing, this expansion will NOT disappoint.

I’m giving this a 10/10. Perfect score. I have yet to finish the main Fallout 4 story (life, the universe & everything has kept me occupied otherwise) and Far Harbor is what it took to suck me back in. I can’t wait to finish this article and get back to playing.


It all started with a radio transmission from Ellie at Valentine’s Detective Agency informing me of a new case. I knew right away I had to leave my suped-up, badass companion, Codsworth, behind for this one.


After a brief swing by the Red Rocket trading outpost for some supplies I was on my way to Diamond City to see what in the actual fuck was going on .


I left Codsworth behind on a hunch that I’d be best off choosing Nick Valentine as my companion for whatever may come and let me say now, I was right. You don’t have to bring Nick and, in fact, the game doesn’t prompt you to at all from my experience but I can’t imagine how this expansion would have gone without him.


I arrived and was given my case specifics from Ellie. The details were sketchy. Summed up, I had to meet a man who may or may not know Nick from the past.


After about 10 hours of travel we reached the Nakano house at the ass-crack of dawn and our investigation began.


We meet with this vague Nakano character and learn he was involved in some ordeal with Nick where only the two of them survived and he knew that Nick was the only one he could rely on to help him find his daughter, Kasumi, who he believes to have been kidnapped.


Her mother has a slightly different take on why their daughter is missing.


Since I promised to keep the spoilers minor, I’ll just say it involves this radio…


By investigating her room and the house on a trail of holotapes Kasumi has recorded, we learn a few things about her; she likes to fix things, she has “these dreams” and she’s always felt there was something off about her. Basically she’s your typical teenager.


With that done we had all we needed. Dressed like right dicks, Nick Valentine and I set sail for Far Harbor. Did I mention… WE GET A BOAT!?!?!


After an undetermined amount of time, during which Nick must have been “napping” below deck, we arrived.


Fresh off the boat we are greeted by Captain Avery and her angry sidekick, so-and-so.


I chose to be honest with her about my intents on the island and she seemed very willing to help me locate Kasumi.


That is, until the fit hit the shan and the alarm bells rang out.


There’s a fog that consumes the entire island and nasties lurk within it, some of these nasties were coming for the gates. I had to help the people of Far Harbor in order to get their cooperation in my investigation.


The battle was explosive, as you can see below. Many died defending the gates of Far Harbor.


Sure, less would have died if I hadn’t been so focused on taking these pictures.


But in the end, the battle was won and I had gained the trust of the people of Far Harbor as well as the information I came here to seek. First, I would need to meet with a man named Longfellow at the local watering hole…


My thoughts exactly, Longfellow, my thoughts exactly.


After some drinks and provisions, I was off and my adventure really began. And that’s also where I have to end this article since I promised only minor spoilers in the title and from here on out, there’s no way to keep that promise.

I will say there’s so much more game and this is all just the tip of the iceberg. Get yourselves to the store of your choice and get this expansion in your life. If you’re a fan of the series this will 100% not disappoint. There is one thing that’s not so great about this game, there’s a simple and tedious series of puzzles you’ll have to play later on in order to progress the main story but I’ll get into that and literally EVERYTHING else in my next article, Todd Plays Fallout 4: Far Harbor – Pt. 2: SECRETS OF THE FOG!!! {MAJOR SPOILERS} 

Fair Warning: That 10/10 score could change by the time I write part 2 of this but I doubt it will. Hats off to the developers for delivering an excellent addition to one of my all-time favorite franchises.

Until next time, I’m Tad Gurgle and this was my first impression of Fallout 4: Far Harbor. Please and thank you?