To wrap up today’s shows we had the most anticipated conference from Sony for the PlayStation, here’s what happened:

Knuckles Goldberg: Sony decided to open the show with The Last Guardian, which has been in development since 2007 and was supposed to come out in 2011. It’s great that it’s finally coming out but wow, it was really showing its age.

Guerrilla Games came on to show off their new IP Horizon Zero Dawn which looked really cool and really bizarre. Why would you hunt robots like you were hunting food?


Street Fighter V.

We finally got to see more of No Man’s Sky.

Dreams…put me to sleep.


Destiny…hey wait a minute, that game’s been out for a while now.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate gets some new story info as the playable female lead Evie and they announced some PlayStation exclusive missions.

World of Final Fantasy, which looks like a cutesy mash up of all the final fantasies.

Ok Sony waited 45 minutes to make a worthwhile announcement and holy shit, Final Fantasy VII Remake is official. It’s coming first to PlayStation 4. We actually heard an unverified rumor of this at midnight last night but didn’t want to say anything because there was no source, but obviously it was real. Unfortunately it’s only a timed exclusive.

Shenmue 3…maybe. All you have to do is get it funded. Hey Sony, maybe YOU should fund the game you’re showing at your damn press conference!

Batman Arkham Knight which is out next week!

Project Morpheus, PlayStation Music, and PlayStation Vue was showcased, including RIGS, a game for Project Morpheus.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3.


Disney Infinity 3.0.

Star Wars Battlefront.

Uncharted 4, ouch, the demo froze and had to be restarted.

What a major let down by Sony. They had two huge announcements, one was obviously FFVII, but it’s not exclusive, and the other was we have to crowdfund Shenmue 3. Their non demo for Project Morpheus by barely showing non VR footage of a game sucked. Microsoft definitely won this year with the Hololens. Then to add salt to the wounds, Uncharted 4 froze on stage and had to be restarted. Just embarrassing, but when it didn’t freeze it did look amazing.

DeAno Jackson: Sony had a fairly decent showing.  I think Microsoft did better, having plenty of first party games actually coming this year, but Sony did okay.  Starting with showing The Last Guardian was cool, but they practically broke the internet with the Final Fantasy VII Remake announcement.  People have wanted that for years, and it’s damned cool to see that finally happening.  Also really liked what I saw in Horizon Zero Dawn; I love me some new IPs, particularly when they’re looking this good.  Still, there were some questions.  Namely, where in the hell is Sony Santa Monica!?  Are we ever going to find out what they’re working on?  Also I have no idea what Dreams is; doesn’t seem like it’s for me.  As I said at the beginning it was a decent showing, but I feel that it could have been a hell of a lot better.

What did you all think of Sony’s offerings presented at this press event?  Let us know in the comments!