Those of you who loved the 1814 series from the Battleworld will be as overjoyed as I am about Red Wolf. The story starts where 1814 left off, with Red Wolf as the sheriff of Timely. The comic seems to follow the standard formula of a first issue – introducing new characters, including his mother, and a foe for him to chase. Many of the others from the Battleworld series don’t get an appearance, separating this from the Secret Wars. The only thing is that his foe seems to have access to weapons that don’t fit into the time period. You’ll have to read the comic to find out how it ends up with someone tweeting a picture of the Red Wolf!

Spidey (2015-) 001-000

Spidey issue 1 takes us back to the good old days of Spider-Man, and it’s beautiful! We get to see a Spidey that’s just starting out, but in the modern world. He’s back to a simpler time, where he doesn’t have a lot of the baggage. He’s funny, carefree, and innocent. It’s worth reading just as a look back without having to travel back in time. A wonderful comic!

Invincible Iron Man (2015-) 004-000

Invincible Iron Man, now up to issue 4, still has Doom being uncharacteristically helpful, and it’s blowing Tony Stark’s mind. There is a moonlight ninja fight beach party, a visit to see sick kids at the hospital, and a Mary Jane concert. There’s also Madam Masque and a lot of magic. Stepping away from this specific issue and looking at the series so far, this has quickly become my favourite version of Tony Stark. He’s found something to aspire to in these first few issues, and he’s looking seriously at self improvement. The appearance of Doom as a handsome, apparently good person, has thrown him for more of a loop than he could have guessed.

There was a lot more I could have talked about this week, but Spidey put me in a whimsical mood. Let me know in the comments what you thought of the comics I’ve talked about!