This week, I’m going to focus on just one comic series: Sex.

From Image Comics, Sex is definitely for grown-ups, and while it contains adult language and imagery, that’s not all it’s about (despite the title). The comic is currently on its 25th issue, and it asks an interesting question: How does a former dark vigilante navigate life after hanging up his armour? Simon Cooke was once The Armored Saint (there isn’t a comic featuring his life as that vigilante/hero), protecting the people of Saturn City. His mentor, Quinn, asked him to retire his alter ego in her will. In normal life, Cooke is a billionaire playboy (sound familiar?), but without his quest to rid his city of evil, he’s unsure about how to live as a CEO and human being. The series started out as an exploration into how Cooke attempts to live and form relationships, but it has drown in depth and scope since then.

Other characters are his former nemesis, Annabelle LaGravanese who is now the owner of an adult club, and Keenan Wade, Cooke’s former sidekick, who is waging his own war on the gangs of Saturn City.

This series is compelling, and not for the most obvious reason. Yes, there is sex in the comic, but the comic soon becomes about a lot more than sex – It shows how a city reacts to a power vacuum. The series spends time following the leaders of the various gangs around Saturn City as they fight for control, and through flashbacks and journal entries, we see how Quinn devised the Armored Saint, and how she planned Keenan’s life as well.

The latest issue highlights the power struggle between the gangs, and reveals Quinn’s history with Cooke’s parents (who are missing and presumed dead). As has become normal with these comics, the eponymous act is secondary, even tertiary to the story.

I recommend this series to all grown up comic readers, and especially those who are Batman fans, just because of the parallels between Bruce Wayne and Simon Cooke.

In other news, there were a few new comics released this week, and I’ll cover the best of those next week. Let me know in the comments if you have a favourite that you want me to take a look at!