If you’re looking for the latest from the Secret Wars, this is the place. The Secret Wars aren’t over, but some of the post Secret Wars comics have been released, so now, every week, Drawn Dispatches will bring you the best from the comic book world, and not focused solely on one event or even one comic book company.

This week, we’re going to start with the Secret Wars, and issue six of the main story. Doom has Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight of the Cabal captured. Mr. Fantastic and The Maker are working together to find a way to defeat Doom, and trying to determine what will happen if he’s defeated. Meanwhile Valeria, searching for Doom’s power source, runs into both Spideys as they search for the same thing – Molecule Man. No spoilers, but there’s an eight year old burger, a prophet, and Doom’s version of the Fantastic Four‘s origin involved. A must read!


Over in the DC world of the Darkseid War, Telos from the Convergence series gets his own comic. Telos starts this comic where we left him in Convergence; hunting for Brainiac in an effort to find his family. He finds Brainiac and there is a suitably epic battle. When he wins, Brainiac offers him a deal. The thing is, Brainiac had a deal with someone else, and maybe he just let Telos win… This is one that will be worth following.

Amazing Spider-Man (2015-) 001-000

Amazing Spider-Man issue 1 hit with a huge issue packed with hilarity, and a bunch of prequels for a whole new raft of Spiderverse themed comics. Parker Industries, and our favourite web-head, have gone worldwide, starting in Singapore with a car chase, Mockingbird, auto-tune, and more epic one-liners that should be allowed in one comic! The most interesting part of this issue is in the prequels, however: Spider-Man 2099, Silk, Web Warriors, a pregnant Spider-Woman, and that Miles Morales will be joining Peter Parker in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man. That last bit worries me a little. I think a shared comic is a bad idea – Miles Morales is a great character, and I think that the writers would have more freedom if he had his own title. He might still get one, though, but I haven’t heard anything about that…

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