Editors note: The opinions expressed here are those of myself, Matthew Moore, and not.. nah.. screw this. I know my people, we all know this to be true. There will be cursing however. So if you are easily offended by that or conversations about race, I suggest staying away from all things Marvel dating as far back as the 1963 with the first publication of “X-Men”.

LukeCageTextlessLuke Cage is black.
I know, it comes as a shock to many of you, but he is. He grew up and now lives in Harlem. Harlem which boasts such streets as Martin Luther King Blvd, Malcolm X Blvd, Frederick Douglas Blvd and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd, is a predominantly black area. This show takes place in that neighborhood.

I mention this because I am waiting for the shit storm. I am waiting for the articles and comments “This show is too black” or “they excluded whites, so how is that equality?”. I am waiting for that to happen and it will enrage me. 1 in 7 people within the US identify as “black”. That’s a lot of people. Yet the idea that they get fair representation in media is laughable, even within Marvel’s own shows. Daredevil, season 1 for example. In Hell’s kitchen, two fleshed out characters that weren’t white. One was an evil Chinese stereotype, the other was Claire Temple. Two.. that’s it, in all of Hell’s kitchen, which is half white, which means other half should be be.. non-white.
Jessica Jones is another example. The show is about equality. That women can do everything men can and they generally go through more doing it. That’s awesome! Great! But in a show that partially takes place in Hell’s Kitchen and partial takes place in Harlem, there are two non-whites highlighted in the show, Claire Temple again and Luke Cage. Even the guy who watches Luke Cage’s bar, IN HARLEM, when Luke Cage is not around, is white. That may be honest to the established story, but it is not honest to the neighborhoods portrayed.
Theo-Rossi-As-AlvarezSo lets be honest. A show that takes place in Harlem should have almost all black characters. And it does. Looking at the trailer I saw three white guys in the background (never their face), one Puerto Rican (Shades Alvarez, played by Theo Rossi), two Chinese and the rest of the cast shown, which is substantial, black. This is actually accurate to the neighborhood portrayed and its about time.
Bonus points: They didn’t go to the extreme of that and make the villain white. (White devil stereotype) even though they easily could have with the return of Kingpin.
Will there be a white in this show that is highlighted? I am positive there will be, it might even be Daredevil. Every show has to have their token minority. Please don’t be upset because your preferred genre of shows and movies actually decides (for once) to portray the demographics of an area accurately.

So tell us what you think. You can do it either here in the comments or in our forums. Please note that while everyone’s opinions matter, if we think you are intentionally trolling or are outright being racist, you will be deleted or even banned. Your opinions still matter, just not here.  We’d love to hear from the rest of you though!

Here is another look at the trailer: