Apologies, dear readers.  Obviously this article is a couple of days late, but it’s mostly because I wanted to watch the episode several more times in hopes that I’d have more good things to say about this episode.  Unfortunately, I really don’t.


I think my main issue with Fear the Walking Dead in general is simply that I’ve been watching The Walking Dead for the past five years.  I already know where this story is going, so I’m just kinda waiting for it to hurry up and get there.  If the pacing of the show were a little bit better I’d probably be more enthused with this show, but what they’re currently doing just isn’t good enough for me.  Do you lot recall the first season of TWD?  The pacing was fantastic, from the pilot on.  Characters were introduced, we learned what we needed to know about them, and then the story started rolling.  In this spin-off show meanwhile we have things plodding forward at a glacial pace, which is particularly frustrating because this is only a six episode season.  With the antepenultimate episode mere days away, things need to pick up.


Past all that, and I almost hate to point this out, but given the propensity of the original show to kill off Black male characters at a downright meme-worthy rate, I honestly found it funny that thus far in the two episodes I’ve seen so far that this show has managed to kill of every single Black male character we’ve seen so far in the show.  Seriously, at this point it’s just comedy.

The saving grace of this show, and the only reason that I’m going to continue to watch it, is that I still find the character dynamics to be interesting; particularly with the introduction of the Salazar family.  With several of our main characters now separated, Madison getting her first Walker kill and truly starting to understand the situation they’re in (mostly thanks to Tobias, who is quickly becoming my favorite character), and Nick still suffering from heroin withdrawals, it should be interesting to see what happens next.  My only big issue with the plot is why in the hell did Tobias leave the school without what he came for?!  Seriously, getting food supplies from the school was brilliant, but leaving them behind after the Walker kill was uncharacteristically idiotic.

At any rate, this episode’s title “So Close Yet So Far,” pretty accurately sums up my opinion on the episode itself.  Here’s hoping that episode 103 “The Dog” fairs better.


Show Details

Network: AMC
Starring: Kim Dickens, Cliff Curtis, Frank Dillane, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Mercedes Mason, Lorenzo James Henrie, and Rubén Blades.
Created By:  Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson.
Availability: Show is aired weekly on AMC Sunday nights in the U.S.A.  First season is six episodes.