Greetings Folks, I’m back with another article and this time around I’ll be showing you some new footage from the game Star Citizen that was shown at CitizenCon 2015. I know I know, you’re probably wondering why I should care about Star Citizen, you’re probably thinking “this game has been in development for years, it’ll never be released”. Well I’m going to tell you right now, I have been following this game since it was announced back in 2012 and I understand the development process for this game, this game is easily the most ambitious game ever developed and I firmly believe that it should not be rushed. Chris Roberts and the team at Cloud Imperium Games have been taking things slow with this game and with the following footage it seems that the “slow and steady wins the race” stance seems to have paid off. After watching the footage I must say this game looks absolutely beautiful, stunningly so. Believe me, I am tempted to say “I cannot wait to play this game” but by saying that implies that I would be willing to play the game before it is ready, and I’m not. So I’ll take a deep breath and calm my nerves, and I’ll suggest you do the same because you’re in for a wild ride. So without further ado here’s the new Star Citizen footage shown at CitizenCon 2015.

Looks good doesn’t it? It’s not the only video (and I will show the others below) but I wanted to say that in the footage you’ll see that characters (for the most part) are completely motion captured and I am completely ecstatic about that. However the animations did seem a bit wonky in some places but since Star Citizen is still in development I’m willing to let that slide, you can’t expect it to be perfect even when it’s still in it’s early stages. Regardless from this video alone the game looks absolutely stunningly. One last thing, the video you just say was not online footage, it was footage from Squadron 42, the single player module for Star Citizen. And if you think that looks good, just wait until you see the following videos.

The video you just saw was footage of the persistent online universe as well as a bit of the FPS module which has been named “Star Marine“. And just like with the first video I showed you the game definitely looks promising. Now I only have one more video to show you but you can find more at this helpful reddit thread. The final video I will provide for you shows off a new feature on the Star Citizen site that’s called the Star Map, an interesting and dynamic feature that shows off the entire Star Citizen universe, our universe. Check it out below.

Well that about covers it folks, Star Citizen definitely has promise and keeps getting better with every update despite what the naysayers say. So are you as excited for Star Citizen as I am? Do you think it’s going to fail despite the progress we’ve seen? Is Star Citizen a game you’re not particularly interested in? Let us know in the comments, we value the opinions of our readers. Be sure to also check out our various discussion vidcasts on our YouTube channel, we’ve just started the new fall season. So on that note folks I bring this article to a close, thanks for reading and I’ll see you at the next article, bye bye.