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And I’m back… with a new review for all you awesome people. This time around I’m reviewing Terminator: Genisys. Before I get started allow me to mention that I made a previous post on this site on how much I hated one of the trailers of this movie, and I disliked that trailer due to how spoilery it was, and let me be clear, I was right. I had said that due to the spoilers in the trailer that you would have probably seen everything you need to see to understand the plot, well I was right, not once in this movie was there a “Holy Sh!t” moment, and it was all because of that god damn trailer. Even though I was not surprised that much in the movie, don’t mistake that as me not enjoying it. I enjoyed the hell out of this movie, I gotta say, this movie was really f#$%ing cool. But again, no “Holy Sh!t” moments to be seen. Well then, now that that’s out of the way let’s get started.


Nope, no dragons here..


This movie was extremely enjoyable, and a bit confusing at moments, one thing I will say, the time line is definitely messed up, but time travel usually is, and that isn’t what confused me. What confused me was the two lead characters, Sarah Conner (played by Emilia Clarke) and Kyle Reese (played by Jai Courtney), being a few hours after getting back from the theater, I still have no idea who the main protagonist is. I mean Emilia played a really great Sarah Conner, but she’s no Linda Hamilton, and Jai was okay, about as good as you can expect for Mr. Courtney (which no offense to him, is not very good to begin with). And of course there is a love story in all this, which I have no problem with, since the love between Sarah and Kyle is crucial to the birth of John Conner (who is played Jason Clarke). But I will say this, Arnold Schwarzenegger as the T-800 Cybernetic Organism was without a doubt in my mind the best part of the whole damn movie. During his scenes, I was laughing my ass off, and I will never hear the words “It is very good to meet you” the same way again, We love you Pops, don’t ever change.


Sarah Connor: Worlds worst person to cuddle with.

Now as I stated about Emilia Clarke and Jai Courtney’s characters being a bit confusing, I didn’t really have any issues with them beyond the confusing part. Sarah Conner was a bit of a bad ass despite her age and Kyle Reese seems like a typical soldier that fought in a war (a war against an entire race of machines). Now regarding their chemistry, or should I say lack thereof. Actually, that’s a bit harsh, there was chemistry, just not strong chemistry, the romance was kinda believable, but in Sarah and Kyle’s eye’s the romance had already been built up and now it just went straight to the conflict, meaning one or the other or even both think it’s too dangerous to be together because if they stay together, one of them will die, and I’ll admit, that was a bit cheesy. But the romance only played a small part to the overall story, which I thought was a really smart move.


These scars? I got them in robotics class.. Long story..

As for John Conner, at the risk of saying too much, I’ll just say this, at the beginning of the movie he was a bad ass, but when we get into spoilery territory, he’s pretty much an a$$hole, and I’ll leave it at that, if you want to know more, then I highly recommend you watch the movie.

There were a few supporting characters that were interesting, the character O’Brien (played by J. K. Simmons) comes to mind. He was basically an under-appreciated FBI agent that knew about the Terminators and the war against SkyNet, and as to how he knew about that treads into spoiler territory and I won’t reveal that either, trust me, watch the movie.

Stop talking about them, its MY movie!

Stop talking about them, its MY movie!

And now on to my favorite part of the movie ARNOLD FREAKING SCHWARZENEGGER!!!!

This guy was awesome in the movie, and he had great chemistry with all the other characters, especially Emilia. The T-800 (also known as Pops) played a sort of father figure role, but not in the sense of teaching Sarah, but acting as her guardian, protecting her. And near the end of the movie there was this one quote he said that almost brought tears to my eye’s, and for a cybernetic organism to do that to me says a lot. In my humble opinion, this guy single-handedly saved this movie, if you’re on the fence about seeing this movie, do it, watch the movie, even if it’s only for Arnold. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Okay then, I think I’ve covered everything that needs to be covered without spoiling anything, and I think this movie deserves a solid 7.8 out of 10. So, do you agree, disagree, or don’t really care about this review? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out our YouTube channel, we are currently taking a break from our usual Discussion Vidcasts, but who knows, maybe you’ll find some of our older vidcasts entertaining. And so, as the Hollywood people say, That’s a wrap! Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time, Bye bye.