Watch The First Four Minutes Of AMC’s Preacher

Matt here –
AMC decided to release the first four minutes of the the pilot of their new series Preacher. While it does start with it looking kinda 50’s sci-fi is, it gets much better very quickly. From the looks of it, other than minor details about the characters looks, it seems to be relatively accurate to the comics. But don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself!

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Preacher premieres on AMC on May 22nd, 2016!

SHOCKING EVIDENCE That POINTS to Who {Spoiler} {Spoiled} in The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale!!

I’ve cracked the code!!! I think!! After processing my extreme anger over the absolutely needless cliffhanger ending Scott Gimple and gang so lovingly gave us for the Walking Dead season 6 finale, I sat down and dissected Negan’s twisted game of eenie meenie miney moe. My results are SHOCKINGLY conclusive.

First I want to state I am only dealing with the facts. Definitive moments when Negan pointed his bat at one in the line up along with a verbal punctuation ie. eenie, meenie, and so on.

First let’s look at our line up.


From left to right we have, Glenn, Rosita, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, Maggie, Rick, Sasha, Aaron, Carl & Eugene.

Watch the final scene with your hand on your remote control (perverts) as we continue. The game begins with Rick…

Eenie. Rick


Meenie. Maggie


Miney. Abraham


Moe. Michonne.


Catch a tiger. Daryl.


By the toe. Sasha.


If he hollers. Aaron.


Let him go. Carl.


Now here’s where they try to three card monty us a little bit. My mother, Negan says, as the camera goes back to Aaron. Then we go back to Carl for the “To Pick” part and then it’s back on track to the…

Very Best. Eugene.


Now with ultimate grace and wizard feet, Negan jumps across the lineup over to…

You Are. Rosita.





That’s all that’s left. It. And if you’ve been watching the scene while reading this you’ll clearly see the above moments are the only definite times Negan pointed his bat at someone during a major part of the eenie meenie miney moe and there is an absolute walking order or pattern in which Negan is pointing his bat. So who is left? Who is it?


Glenn. He’s the only one who does not meet all the same beats as the rest of the line up. He is the clear “it” in this game. If you add all of this to the already existing, and brilliant, theory that we saw earlier POV shots of the victim in the episode from the back of the van that held Glenn, Daryl, Michonne and Sasha, you’d almost have to call this theory a home run. Knocked straight out of the park.

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Netflix Releases the First Half of Daredevil’s Season Two Trailer

I am absolutely loving what Netflix and Marvel are doing with their MCU shows.  After Daredevil came out and was a massive hit and then Jessica Jones followed that up very well, I really couldn’t wait for more. Luke Cage is coming later this year, but for now let’s get ready for Daredevil season two!

During this season we’re going to get to see the one and only Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead) join the cast as Frank Castle/Punisher, as his brand of justice clashes highly with The Man Without Fear.  Add that to the wildcard that is Élodie Yung’s Elektra Natchios, and you’ve got a recipe for a second season that will surpass the first in every single way.  Are you, like me, going to be glued to your Netflix viewing device of choice when the 13 episode second season drops on March 18, 2016?  Let us know in the comments, and keep it locked to Geeks of the Round for continuing news on this show and much, much more!

The Flash And Arrow Give Us Exciting New Trailers

The Flash returns from its mid-season break tonight, with Arrow coming back tomorrow night. That has not stopped the CW from releasing some exciting new trailers though!

Tonight on Flash we get the episode “Potential Energy” which introduces a new villain The Turtle, a character that can literally slow time.. and Barry. The Turtle will be played by Aaron Douglas, most well known for play Tyrell on Battlestar Galactica. There does not seem to be a lot of mention of this episode in the extended “Pretty Messed Up” trailer however. Check it out!

Tomorrow night on Arrow, Oliver starts a manhunt for Damian Darhk, which will start to test both his physical and moral limits, not to mention the limits of the team. Unlike The Flash‘s trailer, Arrow‘s “Revenge” trailer is very much about what is started in this episode. In addition to the “Revenge” trailer however, they just released, minutes ago, a mid-season sizzle trailer. It very much follows the “Revenge” trailer, just with much more footage and insight. Not to mention a little Malcolm Merlyn being a jerk, which is always great. Check them out!

So let us know what you think of the trailers! If they release a mid-season trailer for The Flash, I will update it and put it here!

It’s Time To Get Psyched About Legends Of Tomorrow

We live in the time of the geek (or “Tempus Geek” as our logo states). Sites like ours and many others are doing quite well because there is so much quality content make for us. However not all of it is as amazing as we’d like.

Do we know Legends of Tomorrow will be as good as The Flash or even as good as its slightly less entertaining, but still darn good big brother Arrow? No we don’t. But the trailers look really, really good. So cautious optimism is warranted here.

To prove as much, I am linking all the official trailers and teasers thus far. Enjoy.

So what do you think? Did you watch them all? I have a feeling that Legends of Tomorrow will be every bit as good as The Flash is, mostly because neither are assuming the viewer can’t keep up with complex story lines. Tell us what you think so far in the comments!

Why Kevin Smith Directing Flash is Great and Isaiah Mullins is an Idiot.

Editors Note: This post is inspired by our community contributor chat where Isaiah Mullins insists that Kevin Smith directing The Flash isn’t even kinda cool. – MM

In case you’re living under a rock, blissfully ignorant or Isaiah Mullins here’s a few reasons why you should be excited that Kevin Smith is directing an upcoming episode of CW’s Flash.

He’s Kevin Smith dummies!! Forget the next few reasons, just his movies alone should prove his worth for directing something like this and the love he’d put into it. Love is gramma’s secret recipe and gramma bakes some awesome fucking cookies. If you’ve seen his movies then you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

Let’s look beyond his screen work. How are we even having this conversation? According to a Ray Kurzweil book I read before this internet thing fastened itself to my brain, the exception proves the rule and if our own not-so-round geek, Isaiah, is the exception then I guess there’s a rule. So here we are. Kevin Smith has written numerous full runs for both DC and Marvel; Batman, Daredevil, Green Arrow, Spiderman, just to name a few. All that and he wrote the comic book extensions of his own properties. He didn’t just write them but he rocked them. The critics, who you probably don’t care about, all shouted praise for his runs with our favorite heroes. In fact, he’s even been hailed as the one who brought back Green Arrow.

CW’s Flash is an offshoot of their Arrow series and here comes the man with a proven love of comics who brought some life back into it all. How’s that not exciting? How are you not standing on you chair wearing nothing but a pair of tube socks and shouting out with GLEEEEEE? I think we need to keep things simple and face the facts, folks. If Kevin Smith directing an episode of The Flash doesn’t at least inspire a “Hey, that’s pretty cool,” from you then you’re probably just another fanboy and your opinion really doesn’t count.

Personally, I’ve never even seen the series and I’m excited. Especially since I just saw bits of the pilot the other day and thought it looked cool enough to give a shot. This will be my 3rd ever CW show… wish me luck.

So that’s all I have to say. Kevin Smith is an excellent if not obvious choice for this show. Let us know the consensus in the comments, is Isaiah an idiot or is Isaiah an idiot? I’ll be waiting for his return fire in the meantime.